Black Baptista

Black Baptista

 Los Angeles, California, USA

Black Baptista plays blues and roots influenced rock and roll with an energy, atmosphere, and power that is entirely their own.


Black Baptista is a band that uses their shared history and immersion in blues, rock, and psychedelic, as well as their uncanny, entirely intrinsic musical connection to perform songs that are immersing, undeniably powerful, and soaked in energy.

Featuring underground guitar virtuoso Bryan Baker on guitars and vocals, Peter Boskovich on bass, and Andy Sanesi on drums, Black Baptista can be ferocious, tactile, and organic, searing the air with thick, powerful grooves and body-rattling pulses and will on a dime, shift to an energy that is simultaneously dynamic, smoldering, and altogether expressive.


"Thread the Needle" releases Summer 2011.

Set List

From the soon to be released album "Thread the Needle" Summer 2011

Doing the Best
Get Up
I Got You
Amazing Grace
Chip Away
The Ghost Inside
Patiently I Wait
Up Too Long
Covar Rubias