Black Bart

Black Bart

BandRockAmericana - A fusing of influences - broadly Americana, but inclusive of many other elements and with a distinct force to the sound and maturity that belies their age.

Biography - Black Bart deliver a sound that belies their youth and number, crossing genre’s and bridging the age-gap of their audience with every performance. Hailing from the South Coast of England, they have been playing together now for several years with increasing frequency, allowing them to hone their original songs over time and explore their music thoroughly before a crowd.

Simon Stanley-Ward’s powerful, cutting vocal delivers a raw dose of emotive and original intonation over the tight rhythms of Sam Blincoe on drums and Pete Jones on bass guitar. Rob Joy completes the line up, weaving riffs and fills within the mix on electric guitar. The sound the band produce is clearly influenced by the American songbook, as well as the genres so closely associated with it: country, blues, bluegrass, rock ‘n’ roll and all that stem from them. Alongside that however, they infuse this mixture with their own heavier sound, scorching their music with atmosphere and a modern edge.

Black Bart have just completed recording their debut album and are turning to play live even more in order to promote it and further the opportunity to expand their songs through live performance.


Still Looks the Same - 5 Track EP - 2006

Town to Town - 5 Track EP - 2008

Have had local and National BBC and independent radio airplay, including live sessions and interviews.

Music streaming from myspace and various other sites.

Available on iTunes UK store.


Set List

Our sets can be up to 3 hours MAXIMUM.

We can fill a 2 hour set with exclusively original material.

Covers include: Jolene (Dolly Parton), Get Rhythm (Johnny Cash), Friend of the Devil (The Grateful Dead), several Bob Dylan songs and a few more.