Black Bear Band

Black Bear Band

 Claremont, Western Cape, ZAF

Fed on a diet of Rock and Roll, Americana, New Wave, Country & Soul. From ' The Band' to 'Ryan Adams', from 'Coldplay' to ' The Boss' their influences are many, but linked by their intensity. The Black Bear sound comes from the roots of these and other bands. Mixing Rock and roll, gospel, Americana and country into a new powerful sound. Songs grounded in the earth and rust of people's lives and histories. Black


Black Bear's members have all been on the pro music circuit for many years. Craig was in various local bands (Government Car) and Benjamin continues as bass player for ‘The Stremes’. Together they toured the caves of London for two years, clawing their way through the circuit under the name, “The Soundfields”.

Musically a new direction was brewing and the members decided it was the right time individually to pursue new pastures. After bumping into each other back on African soil it wasn’t long before Craig and Benj realised the pull to make music together again was too strong and the talents of David and Damian were added. Black Bear was born. David (ex-The Pranksters) has been wowing crowds up and down the country for years with his “enthusiastic” playing and Damian, original drummer for top SA Band, “Freshly Ground” also provides tasty rhythms for African fusion band, “Black South Easter”.

Black Bear are currently playing in and around Cape Town and have starting recording their debut release.