Blackbeard's Tea Party

Blackbeard's Tea Party


Gutsy folk-rock, brought kicking and screaming into the 21st Century.


Funky folk tunes, saucy songs and an infectious stage energy. Blackbeard's Tea Party mix fiddles & squeezeboxes, guitar noise & synth bass, and a feast of percussion to bring you an unforgettable folk-rock extravaganza.

Grounded in English traditions, but flirting shamelessly with a plethora of exotic musical avenues, they create a sound that is equal parts tasty, dramatic and danceable.

Together since 2009, the band quickly developed a reputation as a formidable live act. Before they knew it, they had sold out venues in their home town of York. Word spread rapidly, and the band began to play gigs further afield, including a number of festival bookings through 2010 and 2011, with many big festival highlights in 2012. In the last three years they have played many of the major folk festivals in the UK: Shrewsbury, Cambridge, Beverley and Sidmouth, as well as appearances at Whitby, Galtres and many more.

After the release of "Heavens to Betsy" (2009) the band's distinct sound was picked up by Mike Harding, who played Blackbeard's Tea Party on his weekly BBC Radio 2 folk show.

Following the release of "Tomorrow We'll Be Sober" (2011, *****, R2 Magazine), the six-piece folk-rock band now embark on their first UK tour in April 2013. This run of live dates coincides with the release of their second full-length album, the highly anticipated "Whip Jamboree".

Blackbeard’s Tea Party were recognised as one of the best live bands in the UK in the 2011 FATEA Awards; with the success of 2012, 2013 sees these funky, folky, beat-happy pirates set to go stratospheric.

“Inventive, witty folk rock with guts… Being bound for hell never sounded so exciting.” Bright Young Folk

“This, simply, is the business. *****” R2 Magazine

“Blackbeard’s Tea Party really are honest-to-God party monsters.” fRoots

“A powerhouse demonstration.” The Living Tradition


2013: "Whip Jamboree"
Full length album
Own label
Distributed by Proper Music Distribution
Catalogue number: BTP003

2011: "Tomorrow We'll Be Sober"
Full length album
Own label
Catalogue number: BTP002

2009: "Heavens to Betsy"
Debut EP
Own label
Catalogue number: BTP001