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"The Continuous Battle Of Order, Black Bear Saloon, Comply Or Die"

And what is coming is none other than Black Bear Saloon. Incessantly thumping and stomping, this band born from the ashes of Throat, tonight prove that they’re one of Belfast’s finest, up-and-coming talents. Singer Aaron Abernethy is all energy and ire, his vocal alternating between desperate howl and, in the choruses, barely subdued fury - note ‘Something To Strive For’ which fires a heavy rock cannon of radio devastating potential. Grunge inspiration, razor-sharp riffs and double-pedaled drums push Abernathy on in his scream-soaked performance. - Alternative Ulster magazine


but things really kicked off once the Black Bear Saloon arrive onstage a little bit later on. Despite a shaky start (and by “shaky” we don’t mean they played a cover of ‘Green Door’) the four-piece find their groove three songs in with the phenomenal ‘Face The Future.’ Frontman Aaron is clearly relishing the chance to perform outside of Belfast for a change, promising free blowjobs for all and bigging up guitarist Peter’s, er, unique skills. By the end of their hook-laden, groove-fuelled set the tent fills up just in time for the singer to successfully encourage everyone to push themselves against the barrier so he can “have a Joe Dolan moment and touch everyone’s hands” during ‘First Against the Wall.’ Classic stuff. Hopefully this show will mark the rise in the ranks of the Black Bear Saloon, as frankly they’re getting far too good to be ignored for much longer. - Hotpress magazine


But it’s not just about hand-claps and keyboards in NI, probably the most historical prevelant scene has been activity of the ‘eavier end of the spectrum. Carrying on the torch from the likes of the Undertones, Rudi and more recent bands like Therapy? and Ash, the Black Bear Saloon are the latest group to give us some new teenage kicks and they provide the perfect antidote for people who are a little tired of bands with fringes that are as floppy as a nervous porn stud’s naughty bits. Sounding as venomous as an episode of America’s Next Top Model and boasting riffs that Beelzebub himself would sell his trident for, the future of rock is in safe hands with this fearsome four-some. - NME


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Face The Future
The Thirst
Something To Strive For



Rising from the ashes of Northern Irish underground heroes Throat, Element and From Where I Stand, the Black Bear Saloon first opened its doors in 2007 to rave reviews from national and international media. Comprising of singer Aaron Abernethy, bassist Rus Crookes, guitarist Pete McCavery and tub thumper Mike Barr, the boys practised in their secret hideout for months before unveiling their jarring, riff-based rock to the public with a series of raucous, life affirming gigs that appealed to a gaggle of Irish fans who appreciate grooves that would make Clutch all tingly in the nether regions, razor-sharp riffs, and melodies that will tattoo the brain in an instant.

But just because they rock doesn’t mean they’re made out of stone, as the band haven’t forsaken song-writing for power one bit and tracks like ‘Just a Plaything’ and ‘Al Bronco’ are full of more surprising hooks than a fight with Rocky Balboa and their thunderous sonic manifestos contain more jaw-dropping moments than a Jenna Jameson movie.