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"Headed for Paradise"

It was a week full of madness and rock'n'roll. The fans got a nice change of pace at the end of the night with the hard hitting Blues of Black Betty and the Bad Habits, a high note to close the evening with.
G. Clef - 15 Mar 2005
- Emergenza Music Festival


Winners of the 2005 RJL Battle of the Bands! Sponsored by
PIXY 103- Cape Cod's Rock, MDI Studios, Nimbit, Spilt Milk Tattoo Gallery, and many more!

Officially named one of 2005's Top Twelve Blues Bands in Boston by the Boston Blues Society!

Acknowledged as one of the best up and coming bands by Berklee College of Music at the 2006 New Music Festival!

Artist of the Month on PIXY 103! Guests on the Suzanne Tonaire, "The Rock Babe's" Homegrown show, 2006

Band of the Month on South Shore Muse!

Artist of the Month for Mode Merr Clothing!

Featured Artist on the HJ Revival Project Website (Rockabilly/Psychobilly Community)
- Multi

"Boston Herald Cover and Interview"

Glamour girls - Pinup revival revels in styles of the fabulous 1950s
By Tenley Woodman
Monday, July 24, 2006

Women active in Boston's underground rockabilly scene, a culture dedicated to the styles and country-rock music of the 1950s, are putting their twist on the classic pinup styles...Allston-based singer-songwriter/pinup Black Betty has gained national recognition for her work...

"Eighty percent of the time I'm Black Betty," said Jenny Langer, 22, lead singer of the band Black Betty and the Bad Habits. "For each of us girls, we are creating our own characters. I was kind of a geek growing up so once I got out of it I created Black Betty and she's strong, powerful and sexy."...

Black Betty, who trained at Berklee College of Music, is Mode Merr's artist of the month. Go to

Visit this article and the photo gallery that goes with it at
- Boston Herald July 24, 2006

"Blues rockers Black Betty run wild"

By Kerry Purcell/ Meet the Band
September 1, 2006

"We're a worldly band: half white, half Asian blues rock band and we're named Black Betty - we don't discriminate," said singer Black Betty...

...Along with musical talent, Black Betty treats its audiences to an interesting visual aesthetic. Fronted by a rockabilly model, the band has two guitarists - one with a 2-foot-long braid, the other with an afro, a ponytail and a Fu Manchu - who are close by her side. "The visual aspect and the character definitely come into play," said Black Betty, who often is recognized on the street for her distinctive red-streaked hair and lacy ensembles...

The sound: Modern blues that grabs hold of your soul and rocks it.

Read more from the article here: - Boston Herald

"CD Review on CD Baby"

5 out of 5 stars! Dynamite Blues Rock band. Anyone living in Northeast, don't miss this band!
Reviewer: Michael Gauf

Black Betty and her voice sends chills down your spine. Black Betty and the Bad Habits are an extremely tight, well-practiced band that bring a host of emotions and reactions to their songs. My favorites on this CD are Vigilante, All Right Now and Fricasee. This CD and the visions of Black Betty and the Bad Habits in concert are enough to make this Indianapolis resident consider a road trip for Betty and the Bruins. -

"Broad of the Month- Black Betty"


Rock 'N Roll Pinup Sets a Standard

It's apparent that even if someone told 23-year-old Jenny Langer that it's tough getting by as a woman, she didn't even hear it. Langer, who is more widely known as Black Betty, is a Boston girl intent on re-defining what is is to be a sexy pinup and musician, as well as what it means to be a young woman.

Her band, Black Betty and the Bad Habits have not only won a local rockhunt, but have come out steps ahead with a beautifully mixed and mastered demo, cell phone rings tones, and are currently preparing to shoot a music video...

(Published by the HJ Revival Project- "Raise your fingers, raise your shot glasses, and raise some mother fucking hell." Read more at - The HJ Revival Project

"Black Betty revives pinup chic"

"[Black Betty] may be young in age, but she's really an old soul," says Zampell, owner of Mode Merr clothing, and a former costumer for the Boston Lyric Opera. "She takes the business seriously. But she's also totally into dress-up and pretend."

Langer [aka Betty] is just as serious about exploring the roots and rituals of pinup culture, much as a young guitarist might mine old LPs for vintage Delta blues riffs..."

...Fundamentally, it's a scene as much character-driven as it is fashion-driven. Black Betty, for instance, a name borrowed from an old blues song, is a persona Langer slips into as comfortably as a sequined peasant blouse. Fronting her band the Bad Habits , which she formed at Berklee College of Music in 2004, she draws inspiration from Janis Joplin and Koko Taylor . But she layers on plenty of cheesecake, too, creating a vibe at once sonic and sartorial....

See the whole article at - The Boston Globe

"Fan Comments on WBZ-TV"

Joe Wade-
"Not only the hottest, but the best vocalist I have ever heard!!! Black Betty Rocks!!!"

Daniel Stevens-
"Black Betty carries her soul in her voice. Her voice can cut straight through you. If I didn't know better I would say she sold her soul to the devil at the crossroads in Mississippi to get that talent. "

J. Adams Illustration-
"Black Betty's voice is incredible!!! Totally inspiring. The tonality of her voice reaches deep into your soul and fills it with ecstasy."

Jennifer Chen-
"Love Black Betty and the Bad Habits! We don't get music like them anymore--they are a real diamond in the rough!"

Rob Sardella-
"Betty is a tremendously talented and enigmatic (not to mention sexy!!!) lead singer and the band has oodles of musical mojo!!!! Go see this band and have a blast!!!! "

- WBZ-TV Channel 4 Boston


Debut Album "Voodoo Man" (2006)

The Official Soundtrack for The Great Boston Burlesque Exposition (2007)
-Featuring "Possession"

Self-titled "Black Betty and The Bad Habits" LP 2005



"It's apparent that even if someone told 23-year-old Jenny Langer that it's tough getting by as a woman, she didn't even hear it. Langer, who is more widely known as Black Betty, is a Boston girl intent on re-defining what is is to be a sexy pinup and musician, as well as what it means to be a young woman..." writes The HJ Revival Project. "Black Betty carries her soul in her voice. It can cut straight through you. If I didn't know better, I would say she sold her soul to the Devil at the crossroads in Mississippi to get that talent, " claims music enthusiast Daniel Stevens.

Endorsed by Mode Merr Clothing, Zipcar (Boston, cars), To Die For Clothing (Corsets and fashion, Canada), RockLove Designs (jewelry, Canada), Spes and Timor (Boston, clothing), Painted Axe (custom guitar artwork/design), and Gothicfox Pasties!

Black Betty has shared the stage with such artists as Peaches, Spyderz, Fabulous, Whitestarr (reality show rockstars), Shop Boyz, Leslie and the LYs, We Are the Fury, EJ Labb, Memphis Gold, Sasquatch and the Sickabillys, Jean Bardot, the Pontani Sisters, and many more!

-The Exotic Erotic Ball 2007 (San Francisco)
-CollegeFest '07 (Boston)
-Cover of the Boston Herald
-Cover of the Boston Globe's Living Arts
-Sonicbids Spotlight Artist of the Week
-Headliner at Berklee College of Music's 2006 New Music Festival
-Artist of the Month on PIXY 103
-Finalists of 2005 Boston Blues Challenge!
-Nominated for Best Female Vocalist in Boston by Channel 4 WBZ-TV!
-Winner of 2006 RJL Battle of the Bands, sponsored by PIXY 103

Formed in 2004 at Berklee College of Music in Boston, BLACK BETTY AND THE BAD HABITS deliver a show for your eyes and your ears. Fronted by the retro pinup model Black Betty, they have forged a sound loved by their audiences that is a volatile mix of fiery rock, dangerous funk, and a dash of the blues.

The 2006 debut album "Voodoo Man", co-produced by the band and Bob Yen (Susan Tedeschi, Bo Diddley, Joe Perry, The Cars, The Mighty Mighty BossTones), introduced this new group and highlights the band's versatility. Featured as "Artist of the Month" in May 2006 on PIXY 103- Cape Cod's Rock Station, their tunes quickly made them one of the most radio requested new artists in New England.

Now featured on many major, college, internet and XM stations, Black Betty delivers aggressive yet graceful vocals, and shows that girls can be every bit as strong as guys while growling, crooning, and sweetly serenading. When asked what makes her group different, she says, "We're not trying to copy or sound like anyone else. We might be young, but we have deep roots in older music- It goes a long way. Our band is comprised of players from all over the world who came together in their love for this sound. At a show, you'll see Burlesque performers, bikers, college kids, blues afficienados, metal heads,'s just awesome that our music and live show speaks to all of them."

Recently, the band entered into a working relationship with Zipcar, an innovative and young company offering a new model for automobile transportation. Providing an environmentally conscious solution to city dwellers needing personal transportation, Zipcar can be found in 10 major cities worldwide and continues to expand. Black Betty and The Bad Habits can now be seen Zipping to and from their shows, and have online video blogs featuring their adventures with Zipcar!

You can find Black Betty and The Bad Habits sharing stages with Burlesque troops (Boston Babydolls, Babes in Boinkland, Thru the Keyhole Burlesque, Dazzling Dames, DeeDee Desire, Miss Huff, and more!), blues bands, rock bands, rockabilly/psychobilly bands, and various performance artists.