Blackbird Murder

Blackbird Murder


Life is full of regrets. We write the soundtrack to the world's regrets and tell their stories.


Four life long friends hailing from Southern California. With no line up changes since the formation of the band in 2002 they have been playing and telling their stories steadily.

With full appreciation of the desert scenery that has always surrounded them; they play, write and perform to fill the void that everyone feels in life.

This isn't music for sad people. This is music for those who wake up every day and feel like their time belongs to someone else. This is music written for those who exsist.

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From the Desert to the Sea (and Everything Between) debut album will be released by year-end

Set List

Bounty Hunter Blues
Dance Sounds
New Phoenix Rising
Soldier Letters
E Minor
Town of the Dead

Our typical sets are 50 minutes to an hour, two sets per night.

Our cover songs include "The Girl You Lost To Cocaine" by Sia, "Shankill Butchers" by The Decemberists, and "Rainbow in the Dark" by Dio.