Black Birds

Black Birds


Cheeky but thoughtful, gentle but firm, good-looking but not-too good looking clever indie rockers ready to provide the best tunes for some gleeful mosh-pittery. Triple J Approves and we think you will too!


Enough goodness to make me wanna hear more from these guys!" Richard Kingsmill - Triple J Music Director
"This is the kind of song you jump around in your room to"
Dom Alessio - Triple J Australian Music Show

"With the sheer amount of talent present in this band the amazing eiree tone of Black Birds should come as no surprise."
"This is an instant favourite, what a voice!"
"Seriously chilled out, kinda dark but hits deep"
"Amazing track with incredible lyrics and vocal delivery"
"With so much hardcore, post-hardcore, experimental, and everything in between, it's great to see a versatile rock band like Black Birds putting their artistic stamp on the scene."
"Blows anything ive heard on commercial radio out of the water"
-Triple J Unearthed Listeners

Lively 3-piece rock from Perth. We're newly established (2010), and formed out of metal groups that we quickly grew out of! Since starting the group we've been hard up writing and perfecting our rhymes. We're now proud to announce that we have some material that we are happy with and a live set to match. Please go to our website to listen to our EP. We are looking for bookings and other connections so if you like what you hear please contact us, and Triple J please play our tunes! Shaun/Alex/Jaya -Black Birds


Leaky Boats

Written By: Shaun McIlroy / Black Birds

More of this is true, than you would believe

The man who told me’s at the bottom of the sea

They came and tore his house down

As they ran him out of town

I’m feeling hesitant

This city’s coming undone

The water is so dark that

Now he sits, and waits alone

Who’s gonna save you now, from this grave?

Fighting destiny, is not for me and

I’ve got the feeling that I’m swimming upstream

This river’s dark and cold, I can’t keep hold I’m getting nowhere

This is more than it seems, feels like the sea

I’m at the bottom of the sea

Oh no, his hands are tied

Oh no, his will is tired

And he don’t fight anymore!

Don’t you don’t misbehave, now babe won’t you come

When you’ve come and gone, you get just what you want

Who’s gonna save you now from this grave

From this grave?

What are you are waiting for

I cant my hold breath for long, in this water


Black Birds - Black Birds EP. Streaming and Available for sale at

Set List

The Fool
Leaky Boats
Aren't We All
Fly Over
Come & Go
I Won't Let You Down