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Dubuque, Iowa, United States

Dubuque, Iowa, United States
Band Alternative Rock


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Silver Dollar Cantina August Entertainment"

"...BlackBloom could be considered the new house band...It's pretty cool that such a talented group of young musicians gets to showcase their original music on the big stage at the Dollar. See them now before they take off!" - Dubuque365ink

"Dubuque Band Too Ambitious To Ignore"

I learned a year ago not to underestimate BlackBloom.

It doesn't surprise me that the four-piece Dubuque band now is playing the best original music in the tri-state area. When people as intelligent and as dedicated as these guys join forces, you have to take them seriously.

A year ago, I received an e-mail from bass guitarist Brandon Hagen. Attached to the e-mail was a song, "King of Mellow," one of the band's first productions in a recording studio.

I couldn't believe my ears. I thought he sent me the wrong song. I've only heard about a dozen songs in my lifetime that I would categorize as a "10" on my 1-10 scale. Out of nowhere, a Dubuque band is claiming ownership to a "10" song? Not possible.

But that's exactly how BlackBloom operates. These musicians plug away in the shadows. Everyone contributes to the songwriting, then they go to work. They obviously agonize over every detail, trying to throw the kitchen sink into every melody. They pursue perfection.

The group describes its music as "electro-acoustic indie rock." The first time I heard the band, I immediately thought of Kings of Leon.

Any day now, the band will release its first full-length CD, and there's at least three songs on it that will knock you over. In addition to "King of Mellow," there are two songs that showcase lead vocalist Nick Heim as he belts out his soulful lyrics.

Heim is the best male singer I've heard in years. He is oozing with charisma. If you can listen to "Honestly" and not shake your head in admiration for his voice, then I'd have to ask: "Honestly"? Heim is equally impressive in "Dying For."

The other three musicians -- drummer Kurt Droessler, guitarist Bobby Bradford and Hagen, on bass -- are terrific in their own right, but what is most impressive is their chemistry. They are trying to do an awful lot. Every accent has meaning.

The way that BlackBloom juggles the sounds of each instrument is extremely ambitious. It has taken the band the better part of a year to transfer all of those moving parts -- which sound so pristine in the recording booth -- to its live concerts. I can't fathom how much work it took to get the sound mix just right and to get its timing as "tight" as it needed to.

BlackBloom sounds twice as good live right now as it did a year ago. The improvement is mind-boggling. From one show to the next, they get better.

If they continue on as they have, with their insatiable appetite to improve, the sky's the limit.

They will need to continue to pursue the types of tempo changes that make "King of Mellow" so outstanding. Nonetheless, they have conquered most of the demons that young bands must face.

If you haven't seen BlackBloom recently, you're in for a surprise. And, if you're betting on these guys to fail, you've got another thing coming. - Telegraph Herald - Thursday, August 20, 2009


"Live from Exploration Iowa Theater" EP - April 2009
"Silence and Sound" LP - October 2009



BlackBloom's take on the indie rock scene has been turning heads around the Midwest for nearly 4 years. With a memorable stage show that brandishes rock 'n roll, funk, and even acoustic ballads, the 4-piece ensemble is fearless in treading original yet accessible ground in an ever-expanding landscape of independent music. 2009 has seen BlackBloom release its first full-length album "Silence and Sound," as well as having been local support for acts such as Collective Soul, Lou Gramm from Foreigner, and Papa Roach.