Black Bonnet Ballyhoo

Black Bonnet Ballyhoo


"An odd mixture of dark Americana and alt-country rock & roll, built around a framework of lyrics that walks a thin line between comedy and tragedy." - Ryan Colvard for Deitra Mag


Black Bonnet Ballyhoo is a frenetic female foursome born in the muggy Missouri summer of 2011. The ladies of Black Bonnet Ballyhoo artfully weave songs built on the cataclysmic dichotomy and dark regale surrounding the so-called sub-culture of the American Midwest. With ballads of heartbreak, murder and tales of the preternatural, they have ultimately created their own brand of backwoods folklore that they execute in a vintage style with a tasteful modern twist.
You can call it Alt. Country, or you could even name it Cow-Punk, but to us, it’s just Rock ‘N Roll.


Self-titled EP "Black Bonnet Ballyhoo" - April 2012
Recorded by Jim Rea, Produced by Jim Rea and Black Bonnet Ballyhoo

"Dallas" EP - Recorded at Pleasantry Lane Studios, Produced and Mixed by Salim Nourallah

Set List

Red Hot Head
Big Blue Heart
Killin' Song
A Fortnight
Nacho Tango
Dig a Grave
Spaghetti Western Serenade
Safe Place
Farm Rd. 193
1972 Plymouth GTX
Spit and Gravel
Down South