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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"WXQR Rock 105"

Brian Rickman - PD
A FEW WORDS OF ENCOURAGEMENT FROM BRIAN RICKMAN Looking at the Mediabase 24/7 Active Rock chart in recent weeks you, like myself, may have noticed an unfamiliar track hovering near the bottom. Relying completely on talent and with the support of a few belivers on the panel, Blackbook Romance has made enough headway to land "Piece Me Together" a spot on the chart. I am hear to tell you that this is a band worthy of YOUR support as well. In the weeks since first appearing on the national radar, Blackbook Romance has began to generate quite a buzz. In November, McGathy is presenting the band at an industry spotlight at CBGB's in New York. Offers are being placed on the table from a number of our contemporaries at the labels, etc. They have been offered opening slots on tours with Megadeth, Clutch, Days of the New and Tantric. Blackbook Romance's building success is truly a grass-roots effort. We're proud that this band hails from North Carolina and we're excited to watch this story grow. As someone who shares your busy work schedule, I ask you to take a few moments and give this CD a serious listen. I am confident that you will be as impressed with this work as we have been. It's the real deal and it sounds great on the air. Enjoy. Brian Rickman Program Director WXQR/WANJ - Brian Rickman- PD, WXQR Rock 105

"Bounce Wit Me"

Bounce wit me
I get a good vibe from this song. The vocalist is emotional and has a strong voice. The production sounds good. A balanced mix. I'm definitely adding this to my playlist.

Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Guitars, Drums, Production, Melody, Best Feel Good Track.

Track Of Day: 25Apr2005 on

- shallowdeeplive Lexington Park, Maryland

"Cool Sound !!!"

Cool Sound !!!
I like this intro alot. Singer has a very nice voice. Solid musicianship from everyone which is a must for a professional band. Strong vocals. Nice melody's. Good job keep it up - stevedresser83 from Southfield, Michigan


Song(s) Title: I Believe
Overall Rating: AWESOME
Comments:: This one flows pretty good...
This is a very radio friendly song with great vocal work, fat bass, tight drumming, solid guitar work and lyrically excellent. It's mixed very well and the song has a really nice flow to it. Everything seems to fall into place on this one and it's enjoyable to listen to. I can easily hear this on the radio.

Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Guitars, Drums, Bass, Production, Lyrics, Melody, Beat, Mood, Originality, Grooviest Rhythm.
- 629Management, Jacksonville, Florida


Song(s) Title: Paper, Rock, Scissors
Overall Rating: AWESOME
Comments:: Rank All-time: #103 of 10,002 in Rock
Best #8 of 1,361 on 9Apr2004
Awards! Best Bass in Rock, week of 29Mar2004
Best Lyrics in Rock, week of 5Apr2004
Best Melody in Rock, week of 5Apr2004
- From:

"Comments:: WOW, THIS IS HOT....."

Song(s) Title: Cross To Bear
Overall Rating: GREAT
Comments:: WOW, THIS IS HOT.....

Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Production, Melody. - Davestar58 From: Manhattan Beach, California

"Comments:: Perfect for an action movie soundtrack!!"

NickName: RockPozaRica
From: Poza Rica, Veracruz, Mexico
Song(s) Title: Cross To Bear
Overall Rating: GREAT
Comments:: Perfect for an action movie soundtrack!!
This song sounds great for a soundtrack... I can imagine scenes of an action movie with your main riff. Really, you pulled out a great job in making a very radio-ready song... amazing job, really. Congratulations, you've got a great tune. Reviewed by: AxMx Vocalist on SYN (mp3.cöm/speedaway)

Extra Credit: Production, Best Potential Movie Soundtrack. - RockPozaRica, From: Poza Rica, Veracruz, Mexico

"Comments:: wicked riffing"

Song(s) Title: Cross To Bear
Overall Rating: AWESOME
Comments:: wicked riffing
I love that opening riff. It's nice to hear a more uptempo song too. Vocals are pretty strong, they have some old school in the style but still sound good. Those scratchy noises the guitar is doing on the verses are cool. Almost sounds like a DJ working a turntable. I'm pretty sure that's what you were going for and you did a nice job of it. Drums and bass sound solid. This song has a great mix. Nice work fellas. This is what hard rock should sound like. Good luck. - vmitch2, From: Tacoma, Washington

"Comments:: Absolutely nothing wrong with this song, a #1 candidate!"

Song(s) Title: Paper, Rock, Scissors
Overall Rating: AWESOME
Comments:: Absolutely nothing wrong with this song, a nr 1 candidate!
The opening riff from the bass sounds really cool, it immediatly grabbed my attention. The chorus sounds good too, it is catchy. Good guitar solo, nice build up in there and cool breaks from the drums. The vocalist also sounds really good, I like the kind of roughness in his voice when he sings "paper, rock, sissors". A bit of black crowes meet Nickelback. This could be a hit. And the song keeps in my head even if it is already over. You guys get a lot of points from me. Good job. - Satrianus, From: Schiedam, Zuid Holland, Netherlands

"Bono are you there?"

This is very U2 inspired. not a bad thing of course, there are worse bands out there to be influenced by.

The hook for the chorus is very infectious, I found myself singing along after hearing it just once if thats not marketable I dont know what is.

Performance wise, very strong indeed, production, very tight. In short this song should be on the radio.
- standbymusic, Glasgow, United Kingdom


''Side Effect'', A 5 song EP Featuring ''Save Me'' and ''I Believe'' Released 3/2005
''In The Eye'' A 10 song CD Featuring ''Paper, Rock, Scissors'', ''Piece Me Together''and ''Deep End'' released 7/2003


Feeling a bit camera shy


BLACKBOOK ROMANCE is one of the fastest growing, new rock bands on the east coast. From the high-energy, full-throttle live show, to the highly acclaimed independent release, In the Eye, the group has attracted attention from many different labels and management companies from New York to California. The single, "Piece Me Together," finished in the Top 100 in the Active Rock Category in 2004, surpassing even some signed bands in radio airplay. Other powerful songs such as the driving Deep End, the dark and emotional Paper, Rock, Scissors, and the anthem ballad Once Upon A Time are also making their way to mainstream airwaves. BLACKBOOK ROMANCE has been played on radio stations in over 12 U.S. states and in parts of Germany and Canada as well. The band's studio work may sound impressive, but the live show is what BLACKBOOK ROMANCE does best. BLACKBOOK ROMANCE was champion of the 2002 Battle of the Bands (co-sponsored by Ziggy's of Winston-Salem and 100.3 FM, The Buzzard) and has showcased in NYC at the famed CBGB's. The group has also performed with recording artists Tantric, Megadeth, Clutch, Skid Row, Lennon, Quiet Riot, Days Of The New, Beautiful Creatures, Pete, Saigon Kick, Iced Earth, From Zero, and Oleander, just to name a few. BLACKBOOK ROMANCE was the only unsigned group at Cedar Point's Rocktoberfest 2003 sponsored by Jacksonville's Rock 105.5 FM. After taking a short hiatus in 2004, BLACKBOOK ROMANCE is now back in action, planning to release a follow up album in the fall. This new album is sure to gain the band even more recognition and put them onto the charts once again. A new tour is also in the works, currently slotted to begin summer, 2005 in support of the new EP, SIDE EFFECT. SIDE EFFECT is a four song release with soon to be hits like “Believe” and “Save Me.” If driving, in-your-face-rock, is what you crave, be sure to check out one of North Carolina's best original bands: BLACKBOOK ROMANCE.