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La Verne, California, United States | SELF

La Verne, California, United States | SELF
Band Metal Rock


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"BLACKBREW To Hit The Studio With Bill Metoyer, (SLAYER, WASP)!"

BLACKBREW will be in studio soon with world famous producer Bill Metoyer (SLAYER, FATES WARNING, ARMORED SAINT, FLOTSAM AND JETSAM) on July 23rd to record their new single, WAR! Following the recording, BlackBrew will be filming their first official music video.

In other news, BlackBrew has announce that Rocco Cretacci has joined as their second lead guitarist (photo above by Rocco Cretacci).

A band update reads: "Hailing from Buffalo, NY, Rocco Cretacci was reared on a steady diet of British Metal and guitar virtuosos. Rocco brings a wealth of professional experience to BlackBrew, having played with the metal bands DRAGON FLY, JESTER HEIGHTS and FETISH. Included in his list of accomplishments, Rocco has opened shows for national acts KING'S X and MEATLOAF. Most recently working in a studio environment recording track music for television and movies, Rocco now concentrates his efforts carving out dark aural landscapes with his signature guitar style for Blackbrew." - Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles

"Tracii Guns and crew revive “Shrinking Violet” / new local quartet BlackBrew also on bill"

Right before L.A. Guns came on, the Hollywood crowd was treated to a powerful set from a newer Southland outfit, BlackBrew. Led by a solidly-built singer named Kurt Loun, the band served up a series of songs that melded classic hard-rock roots with up-to-date creativity and energy. BlackBrew began with the minor-keyed intro to a song called “Breathe,” which fused chunky chords from guitarist Bill Lima and heavy rhythmic support from bassist Matt Samadian and substantial drummer Mike Ikona into a molten audio stew. During that song, Bill’s fondness for his Morley “Bad Horsie” wah-wah pedal was evident, and he returned to that effect repeatedly throughout the songlist, while showing a taste and talent for shredding. “Last Chapter” commenced with a marching progression of ringing chords that seemed to channeled Black Sabbath by way of Alice In Chains, with Kurt vocalizing in a masterful tone distinctly his own – he’s not exactly a screamer nor a growler, but he certainly projects his pronouncements with authority. After delivering what the singer called a tongue-twister of a title, “And They Say, So They Said,” Kurt invited the ladies in the audience to dance, as the band changed up the groove with the funky onset of “In Loving Memory.” Then came another change, when the band got good and thrashy with “Morbid Rage,” a song fit for a pit, even though no moshers materialized, this time. In following, “Black and White” began with a melodic, wavery guitar line that led to a confident two-chord flow, plus another dose of thrash. And lastly, a thoughtful, progressive piece entitled “I Am The One” rolled out like a boulder down the Strip, a final chunk of hard, hefty tuneage from the competent foursome called BlackBrew – another local band that’s well-worth listening to and watching, on the road to rightly-deserved recognition. - Rob Swick "All Access Magazine"

"BlackBrew "Established - 2009™" Heavy Metal Review"

Raw power, raw sound, raw talent! When I first listened to the CD that lead vocalist Kurt Loun sent me, I thought Hmmm... “Just another do-it-yourself band with a bit of production trouble”. I listened to it more, then more, then some more. Shit I can’t stop…

What I thought was mediocre, became something much more. I soon realized that this was done just the way the band wanted. Surprising enough, was that the band was right to do it this way. It is sort of an old style with some modern technique. The drums are a bit up front and the guitar is set back a bit too much at times. The guitar from Bill Lima is the driving force for wanting more of this dark musical onslaught influenced by the likes of Black Sabbath. Brilliant fret work and great heavy metal riffs pull you in. Then with great respect come the vocals of Kurt Loun. Wow, I will tell you right now, that the first thing I said to myself was “F@#k they recorded this in the bathroom”. Let me tell you my metal friends, they did!!! No just kidding! They did not! I am not the first to think this I'm sure. After listening to the album that the Black Brew produced on their own several times, I found it quite addicting and the vocals of Loun have gripped me for good. I bet given the chance the vocals will grow on others too, but hell you can’t make everyone happy? BlackBrew has a female vocalist also that sets in well with the rest. Joanne Allen is featured on the majority of the debut and ads a bit of sweet but not too sweet to the release.

As I comment on songwriting, I wonder what the band will do without the writing of their former bass player Matt Samadian? Writing the lyrics for 7 of the 10 songs, Matt should be credited for much of the success of this album. The songwriting is great. Although Matt wrote the majority, the best song in my opinion was written by Kurt. His only lyrically credited song “Why Me” connects with me on an immense level. Every song is written well and deserves attention. Some of the other outstanding in my view are “Breath”, “In Loving Memory”, “Said” and “Last chapter”.

In conclusion, give BlackBrew a chance. So the production isn’t perfect! Look at Iron Maiden’s debut release. Far from their best production, and yet it seems to be my favorite. Perhaps BlackBrew will rise above the imperfections and grow. This is what we should expect. I believe this band has a huge future. First thing guys, hire an art guy to get your logo fixed. The Photoshop’d mess is not working. Just keep the mood somber and desperate as this album’s majority is. Kurt’s voice is perfect for the reaching out and distressed sounding epic of “Why Me”. I can hardy wait to see if the debut can be out done. It will be interesting how the new guitarist and bassist will mix in. The impression from the credits is each member other than Allen has a say in the writing of the music and lyrics. - Heavy Metal Review

"BlackBrew Blasts Off with Debut CD"

lackBrew is a young Southland band that infuses the head-banging gratification of good old hard rock with a progressive sensibility that makes its mark and leaves a favorable impression. Led by Kurt Loun on vocals and propelled by the percussive talents of drummer Mike Ikona, the band recently rocked Hollywood’s Key Club right before glam/sleaze legends L.A. Guns took the stage, and those whose appetites were whetted for more of BlackBrew’s insistent metallic stew can now be appeased by the group’s just-released debut CD. Eponymously entitled “BlackBrew,” the new disk delivers ten well-crafted compositions, designed to rattle rafters, stir pulses and spur reflection. - Rob Swick "All Access Magazine"


BlackBrew-Self Titled Released in 2009:

We have recently released our debut CD and are receiving radio rotation on these stations below: #1 hit songs include, I Am the One, Breath, Morbid Rage and Society's Whore.



BlackBrew is a Hard Rock/Heavy Metal band based in Los Angeles California.

Known primarily for their intense live performances and an uncanny ability to fuse rock, metal, funk, blues and jazz together into intricate, yet catchy ensembles, BlackBrew is taking Southern California by storm.

BlackBrew is influenced by classic bands such as Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and Van Halen as well as more modern bands such as Alice In Chains, Faith No More, Soundgarden, Black Label Society and Down.

BlackBrew has been played on The Edge, 100.1 FM and has played an unplugged set on

BlackBrew is Kurt Loun on lead vocals, Rocco Cretacci Guitar, Daryl Hernandez Guitar, John Guy Bass and Mike Ikona on drums / percussion.

BlackBrew is proudly sponsored by Bite Me Energy Drinks, Twistee Tops, Zico Coconut Water and Hi-Jinks Energy Mixers!