Black Buffalo

Black Buffalo

 Belleville, Illinois, USA

"It's metal from the hills of the Ozarks, heavy, but with a distinct groove. We like to call it Test-tube Metal, 'cause we take different styles of metal, mix with a few other genres & shake 'till it explodes!"


“The woods are dark and cold in Windyville. The few people who live in this area have learned to steer clear of this withered old ghost town, some trading
their land for the safety of their lives. . .”

Straight from the backwoods of the southern Missouri town of Windyville, comes the energetic metal band Black Buffalo! Six members strong, and each with diverse musical influences, they’ve created a unique metal style, that allows them to evolve their sound from one song to the next. Blending an arsenal of creative breakdowns and crazy hooks with an energetic stage show, the band has established a loyal and ever-expanding fan base. Though based out of a tiny town a couple hours north of Branson, Black Buffalo is ready to make the road their new home. They’ve played with national acts such as Hemlock & 12 Volt Negative Earth, and held the number 5 spot on Rapture Radio’s top 20 for weeks ( beating out household names Metallica, Evanescance & Kreator. After a short stint with independent label Rock M. Hard Records, they decided to produced their first album on their own, titled “Windyville Massacre. . . Scalped Earth”. The CD was recorded live to two-track, with Lou Whitney, to capture the energy of their live show. Now you could read about Black Buffalo all day long, but to truly understand them you have to hear them; besides biographies are for telling stories, and theirs truly begins after you listen to this CD!


Age of Imperfection

Written By: Black Buffalo

Age of Imperfection

Death hounds from the western land
seek adventure in the foreign sand
Losing lives like it’s Contra 4
Bigger toys for a better war

Sell our children for a drop of oil
Stain their blood on the foreign soil
Sell their love for a drop of gold
Family lost and it’s growing old

Our own mouths go unfed
Still blink you turn your head
Our walls must be made strong
Must be made of meat on bone
But still you turn your cheek
Jut to save your name for a week
This shit has got to go
This shit is growing old

This. . .Is. . .why this is growing old to me,
This. . .Is. . .Why this is growing old


Headlights - single released in 2005, made rapture radio's top 10, at #5, beating out Metalica & Evenescance.

Windyville Massacre. . . Scalped Earth - first CD released this Spring

Set List

Black Buffalo typically plays one set a night, ranging from 45 min to an hour and 15. Besides two covers, they play an all-original, high-energy set.

Self-inflicted Infanticide
Age of Imperfection
the Realm
The Undeniable Truth
Life's Reality
Windyville Massacre
Buff the Wood (a tribute to old-school punk)
Writer Unknown
Point of View
Pray for my Insanity

"I'm a Man of Constant Sorrow" - Carter Stanley
"Killing in the Name of" - Rage Against the Machine