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Black Cherry

London, England, United Kingdom | MAJOR | AFM

London, England, United Kingdom | MAJOR | AFM
Band EDM Rock


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"London Airwaves Festival"

London Airwaves - Wild Beasts, Robots In Disguise, The Whip, Young Knives, Black Cherry (September 19th)

London Airwaves continues. Basically a preview to October's Iceland Airwaves Festival, which began yesterday. For details of then, read here. It also requires a mad dash round Shoreditch, from Hoxton Square to Brick Lane. A busy night, which unsurprisingly gave no time to see everything, or to review what I did justice, but here goes all the same...

As a preview to Reykjavik, it gives a good account for what to expect. A varied collection of modern indie and diverse electro, in keeping with Shoreditch if not the usual Roulees record collection. But it is well worth the journey to hunt out some of the best from these shores, some of which will be flying the flag come the festival proper.

Unfortunately, only catching the last moments of Wild Beasts, rather than a review this can be but a recommendation. Live as on record, their music reinforces the believe that indie need not be so restrictive. From the traditional guitar, bass drums set up, Wild Beasts create an all embracing diverse sound, from which it is possible to pick out vaudeville, Afro-pop, disco, jazz, yet never without lack of a band whole. It also helps that singer Hayden Thorpe's voice; angelic swoon, suave tones or feral yelps, is an eclectic musical weapon in its own right.

Robots In Disguise, who follow however, don't have the same concern for musical refinement. While it's easy to chastise them for the amateurism, in songs like 'The Sex Has Made Me Stupid' you can at least appreciate the acts charm. R.I.D. almost make up for their lack of musical accomplishment, in enthusiasm. Only for you to be reminded, that this is pretty much how they'll sound next time you see them. While on record R.I.D. are most certainly of their time, live they are almost date before your eyes.

That last comment is perhaps something which could have been levelled at The Whip. That is if it weren't for their ability to expand and diversify their influences, which is best appreciated live. Yes, they plow some of the same musical territory as say The Klaxons, but in tailoring an indie sound with a dance orientated direction, they are not simply one style uncomfortably accommodating the other. It's hard to think of too many groups say since New Order, who have been able to do this so effectively. With songs like 'Fire' and 'Trash' which would see them equally at home in a festival environment, as smaller confines such as tonight in Cargo.

If any act on the bill could be considered headliners, it would be The Young Knives. For one, they are perhaps the only act tonight who are actually playing in Reykjavik. This Ashby de la Zouch via Oxford three piece, frequently sharp of suit, and most certainly of wit, offering surprises with every listen.

With only infrequent exposure you could be forgiven for summing Young Knives up through the varied styles and influences, the obvious love of Gang of Four, or similarly modern takes on the past like The Futureheads or Maximo Park. It's a de-service, if anything as it ignores their dry lyricism and inventive vinaigrettes on the mundane aspects of modern life, you begin to understand their depth.

Tonight, this is accompanied by a rather fine line in banter, and a sharpness and focus, even more so than on record. It is the older material however, which still gets the best reaction. 'The Decision' and the defeatist yearning of 'Loughborough Suicide'. Lines of lost potential "Well it is cold, cold, cold / And I think I'm going to die in here /Considering Loughborough suicide / Which I'm definitely going to do this year" are juxtaposed to accompany the sing along pop-punk bounce.

Ending with a brooding and abrasive 'Current Of The River' Young Knives show signs of moving away from the angles/shouting effect their music shares with certain contemporaries, whilst retaining their unique eccentricities. Over in Old Blue Last, catching the end of Black Cherry, here's an act able to find the right balance of electro-funk and rock. Perfectly distilling myriad styles, though only hinting occasionally a more original take. Still, with such a roster of acts, perhaps the Icelandic nation have secrets of their own.

Simon J Hill
- Electric Roulette

"(BBC)Black Cherry @Glastonbury Festival"

Having honed their live shows as support for The Wombats, this Hackney indie dance combo are an exuberant joy live, spearheaded by the dynamic Megane Quashie.

Black Cherry profile at BBC Music
User ReviewsPat

THE NUTS! Black Cherry were unbelievable. Must be hard to play a daytime set but did a wicked job. It would have been even better to have seen these guys tear it up after sunset as the night kicked in with them sexy tunes but I'm sure they'll be around next time alot higher up the bill. Looking forward to seeing them break on through 'cos they will.

James Parr

Saw them on Sunday morning and they were awesome. How they have not been signed yet is a mystery! I expect to hear big things about Black Cherry in the future!


Excellent excellent excellent......please please bring this band back next year and billed higher up on the other stage. So young and already so can only get better with time.

Mike Cunningham

Early start is never easy at Glastonbury. especially on day 3, but this band were tight and controlled, loved every minute of this set, blew away the cobwebs. One for the future!


The best guitarist ever!!!


"Black Cherry @Glastonbury Festival"

Hey, everybody, it’s Black Sabbath. Well, no, but it is Sunday and there’s lots of bands called Black Something. First up is Black Cherry’s synthesizer boogie, with lashings of murder, insecurity and raw promise. Somebody sign them soon. Black Mountain arrive with the perfect comedown to last night’s Stormy Highs: behemoth riffs from Stephen McBean, 17 minutes of Bright Lights and a conviction that the early 1970s will never go out of vogue again. We came black, we got blues. In a perfect world, they would have been on at 4am.
Hoodoo Gurus show today’s pretenders how it’s done: blamming out hit after hit – Like Wow - Wipeout!, What’s My Scene and Come Anytime (a US college No1 in 1989), before disappearing, leaving us aware we’ve just seen something special. Sophie Harris - Q Magazine

"Wednesday 02/04/08 Akala, Black Cherry, Sincere, Marvin @ Islington Bar Academy, London"

Black Cherry, to match.

The Hackney four-piece, fresh from supporting The Wombats, immediately rise to the challenge and provide yet another dimension to the nights entertainment with their blend of electro indie trip-hop. First and foremost, the stage presence and power of vocalist Megane Quashie is staggering, yet unfortunately, the background noise and initial lack of interest from the crowd, fails to mirror the performance, so much so that at one point Quashie comments “You guys seem a little bit sleepy, you need to have some fun” and it pays off. Despite some sound issues, ‘Tell Me The Reason’, ‘Insecure’, ‘Who’s Your Enemy’ and ‘Cops & Robbers’ go down a storm and the final track ‘Control’ even provokes a small yet uncomfortable stage invasion.

- Gigwise

"Black Cherry - "Ez a buli egészen egyedülálló és profi!""

2009. július 12.
Black Cherry - "Ez a buli egészen egyedülálló és profi!"

A londoni Black Cherry tagjai a szombati nap során meghódították maguknak az egész fesztivált. Önfeledten ugráltak a koncerteken, lángost ettek, közvetlenül leszólítottak mindenkit, pólókat, matricákat osztogattak. Az esti koncertjük után sikerült elkapni a pörgos társaságot egy interjúra, mielott belevetették volna magukat a Heineken Balaton Sound éjszakai orületébe.

Heineken Balaton Sound: Hogy tetszik a fesztivál?

Black Cherry: Egyszeruen fantasztikus, nagyon élvezzük az egészet. Itt egyszeruen minden hihetetlenül frankó. Mindenki kedves és közvetlen. Angliában már nagyon sok fesztiválon játszottunk, de nyugodtan kijelenthetem, hogy ez a buli egészen egyedülálló és profi.

HBS: Hol szerettek jobban játszani: ilyen nagyszabású fesztiválokon, vagy kis, koszos, külvárosi klubokban?

BC: Hétfon volt egy nagyon szar bulink Londonban. Körülbelül negyven embernek játszottunk. A fesztiválokon általában sokkal jobb a helyzet. Jóval többen vannak és nagyon sokan csak bevetodnek a koncertre, meghallják a zenét és bejön nekik. Itt is nagyon lelkes volt a közönség. Hihetetlenül élveztük a koncertet. Szóval imádunk fesztiválokon játszani.

HBS: Két éve végigfesztiváloztátok a nyarat a The Wombats vendégeként, tavaly is ott voltatok a legnagyobb brit fesztiválokon, idén azonban csak a Heineken Balaton Soundon játszotok…

BC: Az utóbbi idoben sok változás történt a zenekarban. Ez a BC már nem az a banda, amelyik 2007-ben végigzúzta Angliát a The Wombats-szel. Más lett a zenénk, mások a koncertek. A Wombats turné egy egészen fantasztikus idoszak volt a banda életében, végigbuliztuk az egész országot, ismertté tettük a zenénket, de azt hiszem ezt már magunk mögött tudhatjuk, és igyekszünk más dolgokkal foglalkozni.

HBS: Szeptemberben lesz egy rendhagyó akusztikus koncertetek Londonban. Ez is része azoknak a változásoknak, amikrol az elobb beszéltetek?

BC: Hát persze! Az akusztikus buli nagy kihívás a zenekarnak. Meg akarjuk nézni, hogy szólnak ezek az ütos dalok egy egészen más környezetben-hangszerelésben. Már nagyon várjuk. Szeretnénk egyszer ülve is koncertezni, nem csak mindig ugrabugrálni, mint a kerge marha.

HBS: Tudjátok, hogy az egyik dalotokat rendszeresen játsszák a magyar rádiók?

BC: Igen, hallottunk róla. Amikor megtudtuk leesett az állunk, hogy: "Mi van? Magyarországon? Ez teljesen kész!". De az a dal, amit itt annyian szerettek, csak egy demo. Azóta már újra felvettünk ezt a számot. Az új verziótól egyszeruen el fogtok szállni! Valahol nagyon jó érzés és egészen megdöbbento, hogy egy ilyen távoli országban a rádiókban játsszák a dalainkat és az emberek szeretik a zenénket. Sajnos nem tudunk túl sokat Magyarországról, most járunk itt eloször, de totál le vagyunk nyugözve itt mindentol, és nem csak attól, hogy ismeritek a számainkat. A magyarok nagyon jó arcok, mindenki kedves és közvetlen velünk. Tuti, hogy visszajövünk még ide játszani. Magyarország az elso szerelmünk! Srácok, ti vagytok az elso szerelmünk és az elso gyerekünk is egyben! Az elso ország, amit meghódítottunk. Egészen fantasztikusak vagytok, de tényleg! Nagy lökést adott ez a bandának!

HBS: Egész nap itt mászkáltatok a fesztiválon. Láttatok valamilyen érdekes koncertet?

BC: Végigbuliztuk az Eskorzót, meg azt a másik magyar zenekart a Nagyszínpadnál.

HBS: A Brainst...

BC: Igen! Na, ok tök jók voltak! Ott pörögtünk végig az elso sorban. Most is megyünk mindjárt bulizni. Sajnos holnap már haza kell mennünk, de jövore biztos itt leszünk megint! Sot lehet, hogy ide is költözünk, ha már ennyien szeretnek minket, meg játsszák a dalokat a rádiók...

- Sziget Festival Website 2009






Black Cherry has received radio support from Chris Hawkins, Tom Robinson, Gary Cowell BBC 6 Music + BBC LONDON

With over 12 bbc radio plays in first week of release

also support Eddy Temple Morris

"This is Control" Ep release on 17th April 2009 on digital release on itunes.

"Radio" has been played on Norwegain & Hungarian national radio.

"Radio" is in the top ten on diesel radio

BBC radio coverage during the glastonbury festival 2008/2010

BBC 6 Music, - tel avia radio

"RADIO" has played on 6music opening for Tom Robinson and also featuring on Jon Richardson



For those of you always on the look-out for new and upcoming artists, then Black Cherry are the ones to watch; with their upbeat electronic dance tunes and 80s-inspired music videos, they bring pizazz and style to the London music scene.

This half English-half French hackney duo have been on the scene since 2007 and have played at some of the big guns such as Glastonbury, V festival and Great escape festival. After the loss of their friend and guitarist in 2009, Black Cherry came back in 2010 stronger than before, taking their musical influence all the way to America. This August we see the release of their new double-A side single ‘One another’ and ‘Lost in the system’.