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La Moille, Illinois, United States | INDIE

La Moille, Illinois, United States | INDIE
Band R&B Alternative


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"New Artist Added"

Despite numerous attempts at authenticity, much of today’s R&B/Pop product is far from being soulful. Just because a singer has the chops, it doesn’t mean they can capture the true essence of the genre. So what we end up usually getting are wanna-be’s and the passion in their singing is completely artificial. Put Lexintan Rejn on the other list, the list of sparkling exceptions, genuine feeling and love in her voice. On the track NOBODY HERE, Lexintan sounds self-confident and strong without dipping into pop-radio clichés. She projects a strong belief in herself with the coolness of her delivery and she's all up in your face.

- J. Joplin (WNIJ)


Rejn (LP)
Nobody Here (LP)
Black Chicago (LP)
Dark Knight Mixtape (LP)
Watch Me Transform (Single)
Way Of The Mic (LP)
Pathfinders Mixtape (LP)



Armed with killer new tracks from Sentric Styles, this new female act has a purpose, be the best she can be. Signing Lexintan will make for a nice change and she will become one of the most recognized voices in business.

Hi I'm Lexintan Rejn. I'm a new Pop/R&B/Rock singer/song writer, who is so happy to be blessed with such amazing producers and artist to be in her life. I started singing when I was like 5, in church of course, gotta love those soulful choirs! I also started dancing when I was very young, at The SIUE center of performing arts and when I was 15 years old I got a nice little job/recreational activity at the Jackie Joyner-Kersee Center Boys and Girls Club.

I taught a Modern Dance/Hip Hop class for young people 6-18 years old til I was like 21. Those were like the most awesome years of my life! In those years, I developed a love for the stage, all the art forms; singing, dancing and acting, they all go hand and hand. When I was Twenty I became a part of one of the most awesome Female Duet in all of the Metropolitan Area...F.I.N.A.O.! Also as one-half of this duo, I meet the best and most talented group of young men, that I had ever laid eyes one, and that would be The FuFops. As luck would have it, on night chilling over at Junior Smallz crib, in late 2005 they just so happened to need an act for their Thriving Hip Hop Showcase "Wednesday Night Mic Fight." We were more than happy to volenteer ourselves. Seeing as though I had never actually sang any of the songs I had written, it gave me a chance to show the world, or at least the Hip Hoppers of Belleville, what I got! It was awesome, I had never seen such a live and rhythmic crowd. It was a whole new world, where self expression was the name of the game and how you did it was yo thing...just make sure you come correct.

F.I.N.A.O. performed at all WNMF after that week and was the only female act showcased in that show. After sometime, I decided to go solo, that was a hard decision, I had never performed solo in my life and to add to the weight, I wasn't really known for being a vocalist, I was known as a dancer. It wasn't hard though after I found my niche, I was told that I was a good writer,well it came time to put my writing skills to the test.

In late 2007 I contact Jr Smalls and asked if he could possibly help me put together a demo, because I had a record company interested and they wanted to hear what I was working on. Oddly enough, longtime friend JD, who was also a producer, had put some tracks together for me...so it was time to bring it. Luckily we got the songs together....and so I was signed to an independent label called Miscellaneous Muzik, which was perfect because....that is what I am a little bit of everything all rolled in to one, so expect the unexpected!