Black City Avenger

Black City Avenger

 Halifax, Nova Scotia, CAN

Black City Avenger is a rock band from Halifax NS. They bring a hard rock, hook driven sound with a radio friendly overtone.


Since its inception, Black City Avenger’s hooks and hard rocking riffs are keeping the fists in the air in the clubs around Nova Scotia. Referred to as “punch rock” with a radio friendly overtone.

Black City Avenger’s sound stays true to their hard rock and punk rock roots with songs ranging from “City Lights” to “The 25th Hour” to "Too Little Too Late". Speeds ranging from a straight-ahead rock anthem to a punk influenced dance track.

BCA showcases blood, sweat and honesty in their brand of rock and roll. Influences include Social Distortion, The Killers, Deep Purple, ACDC and Motorhead.


"Behind the Gray" (single, 2012)
-available at for free download

"The 25th Hour" (single, 2011)
-available at for free download

"Black City Avenger EP" (2010)
-available digitally on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, etc.

Set List

1.)Song in My Head
2.)The 25th Hour
3.)Sold Out in '77
4.)City Lights
5.)Can't Stop The Hunt
6.)Black City
7.)Behind the Gray
8.)Too Little Too Late
10.)Keep em Dancing
11.)Your Nightmare