Blackcoin enjoys the challenge of melting your insides and forcing your body to contort in as many different ways as possible. They play an extremely interesting and energetic mixture of Experimental Indie-Rock/ Reggae, with their own un-categorizable sound dominating it all.


Blackcoin is a Columbus, OH based band that began forming about five years ago and has since forth focused on music as a full-time endeavor. They've always had their own niche carved out in the Columbus music scene, allowing them the ability to mingle among ALL local genres. This due mainly to their intentions of playing only what is created amongst four differently styled musicians.

The backgrounds of each musician is so radically diverse that every piece one member creates is first cycled through the other three, returning different and more unique than originally planned.

Their own style of Experimental Indie-Rock/ Reggae influenced songs lends to their ever popular live shows that never fail to be packed full of energy and excitement. These live shows are what have gained them the reputation of being one of the best live bands in the city. Not only because of their professionalism and their togetherness, but of the intensity of expression and soul that flows through any venue they play.

They have played together long enough, and experienced enough live stage atmosphere that their performances differ from one night to the next. Elasticity is key in keeping the crowd entertained and the interests in the shows moving, whether all night or until those in the crowd are able to make their way back to a Blackcoin show in the future.


Stygler Sessions(mini-EP from 2004)
Showdown at the Copa Corral (LP July 2006)

(Who Feels it Knows it) and (Firing Gun) have had radio airplay and they have all had streaming in their lives

Set List

Who Feels it, Knows it
Just go Home
At Will
Earliest Dew
We've Tried
Have it High
Doctor S.
Got Me All Wrong
Lightning Strikes
Start then Stop
Bring the Swell Down
The Vine
What Life Is
How long is your stay
Think You

Our sets are apt to range anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and a half-(one set is our standard practice)