Black Delany

Black Delany


We are the band with the power of a diesel engine and the simple elegance of colonial furniture. Our sound will take you back, to when hard rock and punk music were fun, without loosing a modern edge or ignoring the importance of social discourse. Our stage show is energetic and entertaining.


We are on a mission to produce music with a secret sophistication and very transparent power. Our sound has come from influences of our favorite bands as much as formal training. We formed form a mutual frustration with the long-form Jam music so prevalent in the NW bar scene. We thought "Hey why not take the knowledge of music we have acquired from years of marching bands, jazz quintets, studio sessions for others bands, etc. and apply it to music we like?" This led us to an understanding of two important things. First that song writing was the name of the craft and second, people are ready to have a good time listening to some upbeat modern Punk Rock music!


Cat on a leash EP. '06
Various live recordings in circulation

Set List

Our songs are short (all under three minutes) often fast. Very few covers.
Titles include: Cat on a leash, Bats or Sparrows, Summer's Gone, The Knot, Graham, So I found Another, Desire, Not Just Glory, Jimbo,