Black Diamond Bay

Black Diamond Bay

 Montréal, Quebec, CAN

An Epic Guitar driven Band with a John Bonham esque drumming, a pounding rhythm section and lush string arrangements performed on Melotrons and organs.


Black Diamond Bay came out of Patrick Krief’s solo project Krief. You might recognize some of the band’s members, Patrick Krief (guitar, vox) and George Donoso III (drums) as ex members of The Dears. In April 2007 Krief finished a 7-track EP in a week by tracking all the instruments himself. When he started touring the material with a full band, the live songs developed into rawer, more energetic versions than they had initially been. This inspired Krief to continue with this vision, and to get together with the band to create a full length album that fully represented their new vision. Alex Lapointe (bass) and Roberto Piccioni (keys) joined as full-time members. Krief also brought in a multitude of other musicians to create the epic sound he wanted. The record features among others; Liam O’Neill (The Stills) and Evan Cranley (Stars) on horns, the record also enhances the usual use of Melotron strings with a real string section. The album was then mixed by the one and only David Schiffman (Johnny Cash, Nine Inch Nails, The Dandy Warhols) . The result is Black Diamond Bay’s album Clam Awaits set for a March 31st release across Canada.


Krief "Take it or Leave" EP features "Worries Are Over" , "In this World" and "What We Wanted" which rotate regularly on XM radio

Black Diamond Bay "Calm Awaits." Release March 31st 2009 across Canada

Set List

Typical set list

1. Mother's Arms
2. The Wrath Of Your Darkness
3. What We Wanted
4. Brother's in Exile
5. Blue Mace
6. Calm Awaits
7. One Nation
8. Mercury
9. Marching Backwards
10. New Soldier
11. First Time I see You Again

60 minutes.