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Black Diamond Bay

Montréal, Quebec, Canada

Montréal, Quebec, Canada
Band Rock


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"LIVE: Krief Becomes Black Diamond Bay In Montreal"

“Black Diamond Bay occupy an interesting place. They're new and fresh enough to fill a void for rock that a million classic rock radio stations simply can't fill, yet they feel familiar.�

“Just watching the four main members of the group playing off each other and enjoying themselves on stage is a joy. It'll be interesting to see how Dears fans outside of Montreal truly embrace this side of Krief, as this band seem poised to become far more than just a side project. Black Diamond Bay could find a far different, albeit equally as passionate fan base.�

-Erik Leijon
- Chart Attack

"Montreal Day 3: Even more bands"

“I only got to see the final five minutes of Krief. And that was a shame because they were one of the best of the weekend. Complex and intense heavy psyche rock helmed by two of The Dears who aren't Murray Lightburn, aka Patrick Krief and George Donoso, they did themselves nothing but favours at M for Montreal.�

-Dan Martin
- NME.COM (M for Montreal Showcase Review)

"Osheaga: Bloc Party Keep The Beat, Montreal Bands Score Big Points"

“proved rock 'n' roll still has a place among all the self-referential indie kids if done with true fire and skill.�

—Erik Leijon
- Chart Attack (Osheaga Review)

"Pop Montreal: Patrick Krief"

�There were moments last night when I felt a basked in a celestial glow. The four musicians’ sound was filled to the brim; it pulsed against the surface tension and overflowed and we splashed happily in spilled music.
What else can I say? This show got my life flashing before my eyes: how at the age of four, my dad taught me to name the Beatles by rote from the cover of Let it Be, but I could never recognize them on Abbey Road. And reeling back to high school auditoriums and the grungey thrashing that was the only way we could let go - and Radiohead on the angsty, maybe-in-love drive home. I wish I had known at that time that I would finally learn to dance on sunny days at Tam Tams, at carnival in Panama, on Frenchman street in New Orleans. I couldn’t tell you now if Patrick Krief literally sounds like any of these influences or if the band just taps into some source that lets them call up every part of your being that was ever moved by music.�

-Alanah Dionne Heffez

- (Pop Montreal Review)

"Day 1 of NXNE + DAY 3 of NXNE"

“Black Diamond Bay is strictly a good ol' fashion rock band. Krief's madly impressive guitar licks, George's unpredictable rhythms, Roberto's subtle synths presence and Andre's domineering bass lines make for what I believe should be the next big Rock flavor in Canada. They just make you want to air guitar like you just don't care. They are just that good. By the end of the set, Krief has his faithful Strat wailing while they all fed off each other's energy, closing up the set extraordinarily.�


"Last but far from least, Black Diamond Bay. I cannot accentuate enough that everyone should rush to see these guys. The Thursday show did not nearly come close to this one. It. Was. Ama-zing. Those guys were on fire! I have to admit that words fail to help me describe their performance but all I can say is that it was crazy good and they had tons of fun, as the crowd did."
- Sorry… shooting in progress (NXNE review)


Krief "Take it or Leave" EP features "Worries Are Over" , "In this World" and "What We Wanted" which rotate regularly on XM radio

Black Diamond Bay "Calm Awaits." Release March 31st 2009 across Canada



Black Diamond Bay came out of Patrick Krief’s solo project Krief. You might recognize some of the band’s members, Patrick Krief (guitar, vox) and George Donoso III (drums) as ex members of The Dears. In April 2007 Krief finished a 7-track EP in a week by tracking all the instruments himself. When he started touring the material with a full band, the live songs developed into rawer, more energetic versions than they had initially been. This inspired Krief to continue with this vision, and to get together with the band to create a full length album that fully represented their new vision. Alex Lapointe (bass) and Roberto Piccioni (keys) joined as full-time members. Krief also brought in a multitude of other musicians to create the epic sound he wanted. The record features among others; Liam O’Neill (The Stills) and Evan Cranley (Stars) on horns, the record also enhances the usual use of Melotron strings with a real string section. The album was then mixed by the one and only David Schiffman (Johnny Cash, Nine Inch Nails, The Dandy Warhols) . The result is Black Diamond Bay’s album Clam Awaits set for a March 31st release across Canada.