Black Diamond Doubles

Black Diamond Doubles


Hard-hitting, dirty, melodic, soulful rock.


BDD are alternative, a term which is not so alternative these days but our music is not based on whats in top of the pops this week but based on the influences of the bands we have listened to all our lives. Smashing Pumpkins, Queens of the Stone Age and Nirvana have been big influences to the band. We play fast sets with catchy riffs but lyrics which are soaked in the struggles of life, break ups, insecurities and self destruction. We feel we are different as we dont hide or cover anything up, and we play what really comes from the heart and that people know it. Its not an act, its a form of expression.
We met two years ago and have found that our differences in musical taste and different influences have not torn us apart but made us stronger and helped to develop us all as musicans.
Its a been a great ride so far and its not slowing down one bit!


Need Another Reason EP
(Five Tracks)
1. Burn
2. Insecure and Vunerable (Radio played)
3. Here She Comes
4. Get Home (Radio played)
5. Thinking of you "Live Acoustic"

Set List

Here She Comes
Insecure and Vunerable
Get Home
When I see You
As time goes by

Children of the revolution (T-Rex)
Thinking of you