Black Drink Crier

Black Drink Crier


Black Drink Crier sings about the fire on the mountain, the fire in the hole, the fire in the flood, and the fire in the coal.

Cameron Wensel (formerly of folk-punk band West Port Murders) emerges with his latest musical project Black Drink Crier as a vibrant, honest prairie songwriter. His debut, Porch Fire, brims with the nostalgia, tenderness and vitriol of an ended love. The band, which plays barn-burning roots rock and folk, pays considerable homage to the Western prairies and a telling


Cameron Wensel’s self assured vocals and lyrical honesty are present with his latest musical project, Black Drink Crier.

The biting candor Wensel's lyrics have been complimented by the musical talents of Regina’s The Lazy MKs, who put their trademark sound to work aside Wensel’s vocal and guitar work on his debut release as Black Drink Crier, “Porch Fire” (now available on Harvest King Records).

Recorded at Soul Sound by Orion Paradis, “Porch Fire” is a collection of six songs brimming with the nostalgia, tenderness and vitriol of an ended love. Citing musical and songwriting influences such as the Pogues, Steve Earle, Daniel Lanois and Bob Dylan, Black Drink Crier’s debut release fits as well as a pair of worn suspenders.

“Porch Fire” is both a sincere homage to the Western prairies and a telling tribute to transformative power of being burnt. Wensel’s lyrical prowess is front and centre, and his songwriting skills are evident on this, his first solo recording (following Westport Murders’ 2009 EP). For more information, contact Harvest King Records,

Expect another release from Black Drink Crier in the near future, where the true band lineup featuring Judd Stachowski and Travis Reshaur will appear.


Porch Fire EP, 2011