Columbus, Indiana, USA
BandHip Hop

this is true school hip hop at it's finest...a fan first, emcee second...representative of the's more than just's a mindstate...


Blackeddie’s B.I.O.

I was born and raised in Columbus, IN. After high school, I spent 7 years in Virgina, birth place of my parents and second home to me, trying to further my education. As long as I can remember, I’ve had a passion for the culture of Hip Hop. But it wasn’t until that time period that I decided to give back, to contribute to the culture. How? I became an emcee. Blackeddie was birthed.

After my stint in the land for lovers, I returned to the Midwest and finished my so called schooling. Back in Columbus, still a fiend for hip hop. My two closest cohorts, besides my brother B of course, was another brother by the name of Adon aka 80 Owen(spell out Adon) and my main man Peck. At times we would trade lines back and forth, making frequent trips to Indianapolis, Louisville, Bloomington, Cincinnati, and occasionally Chicago. Looking for any outlet we could find to plug ourselves into.

Now with a degree and a daughter, being a single dad comes first and foremost, but I still got the skill to hold it down for my home town. From open mics to marquees, people love my sound. And as of now, I’m connected with a crew called QUI NOTE SPEAKRS (kee-note-speakers). My ace Bodega Bleu’, Katt Daddy, Phenomenal 1 & Sammy V. We have a good time making good music, as individuals and as the collective, people enjoy listening to.

“…holla at your brethren...god knowledge the seven...”


peace & positivity productions EP-2005

Open Mic Night feat. Blackeddie EP-2007

The B & B Project-2009

Set List

I normally do a 3 or 5 song set. I play about 30 second interlude instrumental between songs to bring the crowd back in. Normally about 15, 20 minuets. Giver or take 5. I am flexible though. No covers. Not really my thing.