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I am a entertainer first and foremost, know how to put energy in a live performance and keep people entertained without them even knowing who i am. I believe that creating good music is only half of being a great artist, the other half being a superb performer.


In the midst of one hit wonders, flash in the pan internet stars and Myspace MC wannabes comes an artist that contains all the elements of hip hop’s new rising star.

Black ELement is an Boston, Massachussets bred/East Windsor, New Jersey native who embodies his generation’s exposure to organic hip hop mixed with a side of swagger. Snatching classic records off his older brother’s shelf, Black ELement engulfed his ears with hip hop staples from the likes of A Tribe Called Quest, The Roots, Nas and numerous lyricists from the Rawkus Records era. While the gift of hip hop was being passed down from his elders, Element began to write poetry, which garnered him numerous awards and accolades from his schools. Eventually, his natural gift for words and new found love for hip hop met and birthed an MC who is ready to lead the new class of lyricists into the fire.

Equipped with a vast knowledge of hip hop culture, its history, and heavy impact on our society Black ELement is able to fuse its historic roots with his passionate poetic heart and entertaining bravado. With fresh innovative ideas and a vigorous hunger to create, Black’s sound screams in a variety of versatile colors that ignite his fun and engaging personality.

As “image” continues to climb in importance for an artist, Black ELement remains true– true to himself, his music, and the people who listen. Ever since his career changing encounter with legendary MC, Talib Kweli, Black has lived by the words of wisdom that were passed down to him that night– “Just do you.”

Ignoring trends, rising above labels, and blooming beyond “mainstream” or “underground” classifications Black ELement has created his own brand of noise that is ready to be embedded into the souls of hip hop lovers everywhere.


The Stickup Kid?!?!

Written By: Blake Morrison

Verse 1:
im marcus garvey, with a steve harvey/
hallie sallasie, wit a posse, and a whole army/
eddie murphy, less hershey, more carmel/
dave chappelle, wit a L, message, like melle mel/
toussaint, car de blanche, but not haitian/
malcolm x, with the bacon, but same statement/
will smith, with a fist, high, up in the sky/ ->
DuBoise, poise, but make noise, n way more fly/
langston hughes, with the blues, i rock them hues/
obama, on the news, rockin twenty-two two's/ |
im huey newton, recruitin, for the party/
but mines, got a lil more, wine, and bacardi/ ->
dr. king, freedom rings, earrings that bling/
bob marley, shaving, lookin fresh for tings/
i think, - i rap, - i react, drew my plan up/
stand up, - hands up...

This is a stickup get live throw your hands up!
Rock Rock (2x)

Verse 2:
im roundtree, via mp3, - see, she on the shaft, witout mtv/
who the fuck be, the chuck d/ who rosa park em, where the bus be/ trust me/
im don cheadle, to the people, wit a needle/ ->
beanie seigel, wit a pad of legal, inkin my cerbral/
jacob lawrence, wit the easle, - jay-z wit evisu/
(he's who), - sojourner truth, in the booth, when he breeze, thru/
i be nasir jones, writin poems in the park/ >
quincy, gettin blown, by lewinski, after dark/
the roots for the art, before things fell apart/
denzel playin parts, ray charlse playin hearts/ |
im mr. t, wit skies, n a snowboard/ oh lord, jesse jackson, with a coke whore/
so raw, like magic, no trojan, strokin/
lets make waves, put ur hands in motion/


A Major Minority [LP] (2008)
Missing ELements [Mixtape] (2008)

Set List

My setlist would vary depending on if I have any new material, but right now it would look like this:

* A lot of the time when I do sets I don't do full songs, but rather do a lot of material squeezed into a 35 minute set.

1. It's All Relative
2. The Stick Up Kid
3. Out In The Cold
4. Can't Call It
5. Down
6. Where My Heart Is
7. Confirmation
8. Keeps It Rawkin
9. Ride It Out
10. Human
11. Quiet Nights