Black Eyed Susan

Black Eyed Susan


Black Eyed Susan is a power trio whose melodic sound is defined by their fusion of soulful rock, funk, and reggae.


Black Eyed Susan is an exploding musical entity based out of Charleston, SC. Originally from Baltimore, MD, this soul-rock trio has moved around the country, spreading music through underground channels, developing a cult following. Now with a new album in the works, the band is poised to make its way into the main stream.

Their musical identity is defined by the combination of their precise musicianship, three part vocal harmonies and creative and moving songwriting. The sound they create is much greater than its three players. Aaron Levy’s unique techniques on keyboard bass and organ/piano/synthesizer, along with Matthew Chase high flying rock, jazz and slide guitar approaches, are glued together by the tight, in-the-pocket beats of Adam Chase on drums. The ability of BES to create its big sound is evident in both their studio recordings and in their live performances.

Growing up in a strong musical community in Baltimore, the band evolved into a young group of virtuoso musicians that, throughout it’s growth, performed with Santana, Crosby Stills and Nash, Aerosmith, Derek Trucks, OAR, Bowling for Soup, Oteil Burbridge (Allman Brothers Band, Aquarian Rescue Unit), Victor Wooten (Bela Fleck and the Flecktones), Dicky Betts, and Karl Denson (KDTU, Lenny Kravitz, Sexual Chocolate).

In 2006, the band released, “Songs from the Bottom,” which consists of songs that weave effortlessly between musical genres, capturing the best of improvisation as well as some unforgettable anthemic choruses. Since the Release, BES has been touring the east coast putting on unforgettable live shows, while coming up with new ways to keep their fans on their feet.


Hang On

Written By: Aaron Levy

It's enough - all these things are bringing me to my knees and I can't get up,
shrug it off- with serious ways, its a price I may pay, does it cost too much,
if I fall - would you be there for me, pick me up, help me breath, I'm drowning in my thoughts

Here I stand - with my arms open wide and my last bit of pride held tight in both hands,
it's a shame - I know you see in my eyes, it eats me inside and burns in my veins,
so I stop - would you be there for me, pick me up, help me breath, I'm drowning in my thoughts.

If we all hang on,we can turn the night to day
If we all hang on, and throw all the hate away
If we all hang on, it's right there in our face
If we all hang on, bring truth to what we say

Look around - so many live in the streets, they've got nothing to eat while sit here to feast,
here the sounds - of the children who cry, echoed by fright, the stars and the stripes,
tell me how - did we get to the time greed violence and crime has taken over us.

I know this seems to be
just a crazy dream
but we can find a way
I know you've got your doubts
that's why I'm cryin out

High Stakes

Written By: Aaron Levy

A view from a different perspective
two of a different connection
try to find a way, gotta get into the things they say.
A flow from another dimension
grows like perfection
with the breeze across my face.

Now I hear something

Come on, hit it from the top
Throw down, nail it on the flop
All in, it's what you've got to do
Turn up, lookin at the pot, trying to keep 'em into rollin on the river drop, hoping you will too.

Led by the sign of affection
off in a new direction
gotta make your break, gonna get into what it takes.
Place a high stake confession
an open handed session
gonna lay 'em out face to face.


BES Albums:
Songs From the Bottom (2006)
7 Days (unreleased)

Radio play:
105.5 FM The Bridge - Charleston, SC
96.1 The Wave - Charleston, SC
106.7 The Penguin - Wilmington, NC
89.7 WTMD - Towson, MD
Sirius - Jam On
Breakthru Radio - internet

Set List

Performances range from 1 hour to 3+ hours. Sets are 45 min to 1.5 hours. BES has a list of over 50 original songs, which is more than enough material to fill the necessary performance times. Their covers list more than 150 songs and range from the Beatles to Outcast, Huey Lewis to the Police.