Black Eyes and Neckties

Black Eyes and Neckties


A fierce outing of angst-ridden garage-punk combining loud, buzzing guitars, spooky organ lines, driving rhythms, gravelly, shouted vocals and horror-inspired lyrics.


Black Eyes & Neckties (or ‘BENt’) merge dark garage punk and horror rock with an infectious frantic energy that’s hard to match. With the release of their second album, "Apparition!" they are destined for new levels of popularity and exposure. Perhaps the best summary of the band’s appeal comes from Don Slack of KEXP, who praised the new record as “a fierce blend of loud, buzzing guitars, spooky organ lines, pummeling rhythms, gravelly, shouted vocals, and horror-inspired lyrics.”

Following in the footsteps of such horror-rock pioneers as The Misfits and the Murder City Devils, BENt plays straightforward hard rock devoid of extraneous ornamentation or wandering noodlings. Getting to the point with visceral riffs and catchy shout-along choruses, their contagious punk energy is channeled through the dark crunch and wail of guitars, combined with the blood-curdling screams of Bradley Horror. Punctuated with Davey Crypt's crashing drums and underlined with the eerie moan of Grimm's organ, the unpretentious sound asks little of the audience other than to be swept up in the excitement and hurricane of noise.

Consisting of Bradley Horror on vocals, Ryan Cadaver on guitar, Davey Crypt on drums, Brenda Grimm on organ, Josh Homicide on guitar, and “The Fist” on bass, the band has a reputation for giving theatrical performances filled with dark showmanship and unpredictable antics. "It’s always been about the show", explains Josh Homicide referring to the band’s reputation for epic concerts. Wearing tattered, bloodstained clothes, torn ties, and blackened eyes, their graveyard aesthetic is not only visually engaging, but is also enmeshed in both the lyrics and tone of their music. They have even been known to spray (fake) blood on themselves during the show, occasionally splattering the crowd making for a chaotic spectacle with a manic soundtrack.

What began as a collaboration for a Halloween party grew into a staple of this Northwest college town’s music scene. "Best Rock Band" awards followed four years in a row (2004-2007) as voted on by the readers of local monthly What's Up! Magazine. Pacific Northwest Radio stations (the renowned indie station KEXP, popular mainstream station KNDD, and college radio station KUGS) are already excited about the release, which has been receiving great regional airplay. Both KEXP and KNDD are hosting on-air, live performances by Black Eyes & Neckties in February of 2008. Regional touring in support of the record has been strong since its release. The future looks bright for this dark, yet fun band with promotion, a national radio campaign, expanded distribution, and national touring in support of “Apparition!” occurring throughout 2008.



Stiletto (New Regard Media) - 2004

Apparition! (Clickpop Records) - released regionally Halloween 2007 and nationally summer 2008


Damage, Destruction, Terror and Mayhem (New Regard Media) - "Barnacles"

Dead Air, Um, Dead Air (Masa Records) - "Walk Like a Zombie"

Set List

Typical set is 45 min.