Death creeping through the shadows of Doom. The agony of not knowing what lies beyond the mist. The loneliness that comes in a stormy night. The faint cry in the middle of old dead city. Despair lonely ... Affliction... Failure... Sorrow... Pain... A Black Fall.


A pure Doom Metal band. Its songs bear Death-like resemblances, but the Doom feelings predominate, creating a great and unique band.

In September 11, 2009 Thief in the Night performed its last concert. That night Thief introduced some of Blackfall's songs. Many people loved the new sonority presented in the last concert. So the base members of Thief in the Night decided to work on more songs to a new unnamed project. Before long this unnamed project was called Blackfall and all the songs were already finished.

Blackfall then starts recording a new single and four new songs which will be release as an EP with five tracks. The new single is 'Sola Beatitudo'. The softest - and maybe the most beautiful - song of the five.

Everyone will be able to appreciate this work soon.


Sola Beatitudo

Written By: Blackfall

O solitudo, Sola beatitudo.
That's my happiness, my love in the gloom.

Maybe I'm wrong
for feel me blame
But the time is so long
And every the same

Is constant figure
In this my life
As a cruel torture
In the lake of fire

O solitudo, Sola beatitudo.
I undress my pride and give my mistakes

For seven times I was fall,
for seven times I was cry,
but You ....
seven times seven was die.

Leave me for now
Let me close my eyes
immersed in thoughts
and let me dive...


Coming Soon (Thief in the Night Age) - EP

Sola Beatitudo - Single

Set List

Cyanide Lips,
Pain Society,
Sola Beatitudo,
Bride Of Flames,
Soul Seller
Send me an Angel - Doom Metal Version,