Black Fangs

Black Fangs

 Birmingham, England, GBR

Bottom heavy but bassless Garage Rock, played by the bastard sons of Black Sabbath and Elvis Presley. Rooted in the glory days of Rock and Roll, but just highbrow enough to be a current affair. Loud, direct and yet atmospheric and trippy all in the space of 3 minutes.


Things that inspire us:
Black Sabbath, Nick Cave, Charles Bukowski, Cigarettes, Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, Tom Waits, Hunter S Thompson, Scotch Whiskey, 60s Garage Rock, 60s Psych Rock, Andy Warhol, Bruce Springsteen, Iggy Pop, Johnny Thunders, Lester Bangs, Coffee, AC/DC, Josh Homme, Annie Liebovitz, Women and Narcassism.

Bands we've played with:
Band Of Skulls
Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster
The Brute Chorus
Die! Die! Die!
Pulled Apart By Horses
Them Is Me
Detroit Social Club
To The Bones
Bad For Lazarus


"Black Fangs" - 2009
"Black Fangs II" - 2010
"Black Days" - On rotation at Kerrang! Radio UK
"Vampire Boogie" - On rotation at Kerrang! Radio UK
"God Don't Live Here" - Huw Stevens, BBC Radio 6Music