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Black Fiction


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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Gorilla vs. Bear"

"The blog hype you're about to be hit with regarding Black Fiction is off the charts, so turn away now if you're a jaded, cynical anonymous commenter... this band is insanely good.You should be hooked in by the bassline in the first 5 seconds.
- Gorilla vs. Bear


"Look for this song -- no, this band -- to blow the hell up in the coming weeks. Yeah I'm calling it. Just like Babe Ruth...sounds curiously like the Charlie Brown Christmas special when Lucy is shaking the change in her metal can. Then, when you think it couldn't get any better, here come the vocals, the sweet sweet vocals that do not sound like they're coming out of a white San Francisco man's mouth..." - Skatterbrain

"Strawberry Fire"

"'d they concoct this cocktail of whacked-out folk, cracked-out hip-hop grooves and pop all hopped up? Huh? Huh? Genius I tell you!" - Strawberry Fire

"Noise for Toaster"

"Black Fiction are quite above the petty games of genres and conventionality. Repetitive noise tracks, synths, and their signature highlighted and complicated percussion... a transforming beautiful melody that draws you in completely... instrumental versatility and the ability to transform otherwise simple melodies and concepts into complex and innovative pieces.... Recipe for a blogger favorite? I think so."

- Noise for Toaster

"Just Add Noise"

"Black Fiction swerves like a Microbus barreling from San Fran to Burning Man, picking up hitch-hikers of old school hip-hop, sunny 60s SoCal beach pop, vintage psychedelia and even some dub along the way.

There’s no easy comparison to be made of “sounds like ______� when no two songs sound alike on a record*. Which is a good thing, and that’s exactly what Black Fiction is good at. One minutes it’s a jangly, tamborine-shaking sing-a-long built around hand claps and a bassy dub groove and the next it’s swaying acoustic guitar picking, finger snapping and percussion that sounds like it’s in the next room. Not many bands can make a record that is this disjointed and this listenable." - Just Add Noise


Ghost Ride (Howells Transmitter 2006)



The brainchild of songwriter and mulit-instrumentalist Tim Cohen, Ghost Ride was recorded with trusted collaborator Evan Martin on the mighty reels of an 8-track Tascam 388. The result is an impossible cocktail of vintage hip-hop grooves, tripped-out folk, R&B outakes and pop sabotage, all stirred together by Cohen's hauntingly personal content and lyrical curveballs.

Wishing to translate the songs to both stage and dance floor, the two enlisted the help of Jason Chavez, Anthony Marin, Joe Roberts and Jon Bernson. This posse has carried the album's bold promise into the live realm with samplers, keyboards, bass, guitar, drums and drum machines that "smack listeners upside the head with a post-rock take on dub and noise that gives even the most jaded concert goers the cherished what-the-hell-just-happened feeling" [Flavorpill SF]