Blackfield Chapel

Blackfield Chapel

 Irwin, Pennsylvania, USA

We are a hard rock band that writes music you can drink to. We sound like ZZ Top meets Metallica.


Born out of the ashes of Don't Open Till Doomsday, Zero Tolerense, and Stasis, Blackfield Chapel was formed in 2007 to create loud-heavy music for the working man who frequents his local tavern. Influenced by booze, violence, and exhaust fumes, Blackfield Chapel's songs are exciting and highly entertaining. Lucas Weston, Dennis Peer, and Chris Dushack have been playing together for over ten years and have developed a tight musical performance. Josh Podrat joined the band to replace original bassist Justin Mason. Josh also previously played with Lucas and Chris in a heavy metal band, Stasis. Too Rock 'n Roll for Metal and too Metal for Rock 'n Roll, Blackfield Chapel is taking Pittsburgh by storm!


Legend of the Blackfield Outlaw - coming soon
Tracks on mySpace:
1. Condemned
2. Blackfield Outlaw
3. Hellfire
4. Double Fistin Whiskey
5. Gallons of Blood
6. Drunken Bar Fights
Live Tracks
7. Blackfield

Set List

Lit up (Buckcherry cover)
Double Fistin Whiskey
Paint it Black (Rolling Stones cover)
Drunken Bar Fights
Whiskey in the Jar (Thin Lizzy/Metallica cover)
99 Red Balloons (Nina cover)
Immigrant Song (Led Zepplin cover)
Blackfield Outlaw