Tom Petty and The Replacements playing Pixies' songs while on tour with The Velvet Underground awaiting the day that Kris Kristofferson will be recognized as the true legend that he is. Or two losers sitting in an apartment with no floor writing songs. Either way it is BLACK FINGER.


Combining a nomadic mix of bluegrass, punk, and Southern rock, BLACK FINGER'S music has gypsy veins and wanderlust woven into the material. On lead and lapsteel guitars, Andy McAusland demonstrates he can move you from the fast paced rhythms of edginess to the languid sound of zero gravity with ease. As Greg Lovell offers mysterious images that toe the line of reality, his voice turns gritty, deliberate, and defiant. Find this band and you'll discover a place where the downtrodden get lucky, the timid are untamed, and everyone is allowed to be carefree.


Hold On

Written By: Ben Cecil

I might pick the better side of frustration. Go to other parties on the lower side of damnation. Without any of the ones I want around. I might look you straight in the eye with everthing in me.

I can't deny there is a darkness.
I was told by a Prince on the wax of my best friend.
I can't deny when my best friend grabs and holds. HOLD ON
I might be a time bomb but I got the fix.
I might be waiting for the right time to blow.


Written By: Ben Cecil/Greg Lovell

She left her shoes on like never before and I tried to remember how we used to do it and she tried to.
Nothing was better.
But I aint in love (keep trying to tell myself)
The room was on fire I couldn't complain. Can't put my fingers on it. But, something has changed here or was I insane.
All for the better.

I've been blinded by the powder that comes from the dark. I smoked what doesn't light and held down while he wrote.
He wrote down on my chart.
Boy, this aint right.

Our picture fell face down but don't worry. I knew all along friend we were all on fire in a long way.
What was his name, did he leave any marks? Are you finished? Are you done? When can I come?

Then love looked over her shoulder. In love, spread out in heat. With time she took it better and held down while he wrote.
He wrote down on my chart.
Boy, this aint right.


LP - 2007 "Contains Lead" on Ethyl Records.
EP - 2008 "BLACK FINGER FOREVER" mixed/mastered by KRAMER (Ween, Urge Overkill, Galaxie 500)

Set List

We have 2-3 hours of original music available live plus the occasional cover tune which we keep in rotation. Our 1 set show is high energy with only one or two mellower songs. Our multiple set shows are more versatile and give us time and space to adjust to the crowd.