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For Darmika Thompson aka "Black Frost", there was no other alternative in her life but that of music. This God fearing, young and ambitious, Hip Hop legend in the making, started flooding the streets of the M.O.B (Mobile, Alabama), at just the early age of 15. Under the Alias "China Doll", "Black Frost" garnered mass local notoriety from both female, as well as male consumers and peers, for her innate flow, lyrical prowess, and live stage performance. While most young girls at this tender age only day dreamed of stardom, "Black Frost" independently formed her own entity to make her vision a reality. After recording 3 full length EP's and dropping countless mixtapes, She ventured to New York, Los Angeles, and Atlanta to further create a buzz that the hip hop industry exec's would find impossible to ignore!

"Black Frost" continues to represent her beloved Alabama with a pride and ferocity that has made this Song-Screen Writer/Author/Actress/Rapper and Vp one of hip-hop's most intriguing and in-demand talents. Who would have guessed that a young country girl from Mobile, Alabama would single-handedly carry a depressed state known as the epitome of Southern racism and poverty into a respected source of hip hop music? Who would have bet that Darmika Thompson would be the first rapper to have a mixtape hosted by all of the Aphilliates (DJ Drama, DJ Cannon, and DJ Sense) "BLACK FROST- THE BEAUTY AND THE BEAST" following up the street classic "YOUNG JEEZY'S- TRAP OR DIE!" With this being said, Dj Drama, Dj Cannon, and Dj Sense of the Aphilliates Music Group Stamped "Black Frost" as "THE FUTURE!" The intro says it all, Dj Cannon states, "When the G-R-E-A-T-S spit there first 16 (bars), all the way down to there hottest 16 (bars),We had to enter the building on this one!" "Being allowed to feature on a project with the Apphilliates should be statement enough, I'm on a higher level artistically than these upcomin' wannabe' female rappers. So, what does it mean when you have the hottest DJ's in the Industry not only work with you and accept you as family, but cosign you as well? It means God has parted the sea's of this rap game for me to prevail, and all those not with me or against me gon' drown! Shouts out to the whole AMG Family (Apphiliates Music Group).

In her own word's, "My purpose in life is not based on personal gratification, fame, fortune, or acceptance, etc. I am a vessel, God's vessel, and He's blessed me with the ability to reach out to not only women, but mankind with the talents He's bestowed upon me. Many proclaim to have these same talents; but God allows only a chosen few to obtain it, to cherish it, to nuture it, and to share it with others. This talent is that of the gift of voice, mind, and spirit- Other female rappers pay people to write for them, so how do we know who they really are, if their not in tune with themselves to deliver their own message to the consumer? If you really analyze my point of view on this, you would come to the conclusion, "Damn, i gave you my hard earned money because i had faith in you, but you have no faith in yourself!" And even most of the women that do write their own material speak upon sex, degrade themselves, or use weak punchlines - due to the fact their mind is weak, they have no substance, and no relationship with God! Most wouldn't want to experience the things i've seen in my 22 years of life, nor have the courage to speak upon what has come to past; but I want to share my life to affect others in a positive light, by avoiding those negative aspects of life i was forced to live in. I been doing this music since i was 10 years old, had my own independent company by 17, and now I'm V.P. of the #1 Indepent Music Label in the world at the age of 23! This game isn't new to me, and whats even more funny, this is only one fifth of what i bring to the game. I'm doing 2 albums and possibly a 3rd just to let those who feel threatened know, I Am The Queen- After me there will be none other!"
Nearly a Decade later, In this present Industry day and age where over 90% of all female rap artist's material is written by a third party; Needless to say, 99% of these female rappers are incapable of writing anything with substance anyway, "Black Frost" is what the Industry's been missing!

Darmika humbly pays homage to those legends before her. Queen Latifah for setting the standards in the game, The Queen Bee Lil' Kim for holding her own alongside one of Hip Hop's legends, The Lady of Rage for her tenacious flow, Missy Elliot for her trendsetting talents creatively, and Lauren Hill for the inspiration to be one's true self! "Black Frost" is not just "The Queen of The South", but she is and will forever be "The New Queen of Hip Hop!"