Black Gandhi

Black Gandhi


Freshness, groove, good vibes guaranteed. Recalls 70's funk and 80's disco in a reggae wrap. Dance till your stress is gone but keep your mind awake. The message is what matters most: Life is beautiful, Live your life in happiness, Love...


Black Gandhi is a young promissing band from Barcelona formed by six artist who share the same philosophy and the same love for music.

It's message is about togetherness, love, peace and enjoyment. The members of the band work together as a family taking music into a high level of creativity, spirituality and joy. Each one of them already had a long history working in the professional music scene and shared the vision of creating a group with a unique sound and a possitive message inspired by the philosophy of indian pacifist Mahatma Gandhi and black music traditions.

The result of this union is a live experience with a repertoire of originals influenced by artists such as Toots and the Maytals, The Wailers, James Brown, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, Sting, Ben Harper, Richard Bona among many more.

Black Gandhi's performances have been described as "a joyful party" and "Joy", their debut album is an experience of a fresh sound full of positive energy.

"As we gain experience and skills in the music business we also become more and more aware of global changes. We'd like to bring a bit of light and happiness everywhere we go. Music makes it possible". Black Gandhi.

Black Gandhi has recently Performed at: l'Auditorium de Lyon, France (suporting Ojos de Brujo), Apolo Theater, Barcelona, Spain, Auditorium Barcelona (suporting Youssou N'Dour), Mataro, Spain (suporting The Wailers)

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New Life

Written By: Black Gandhi

There is a new life starting…

I remember the bad times i’ve been through
I remember the tears that I cryed.
But all of that is gone,
There is a new life starting right now.

So if your life is going through darkness
Don’t be affraid, it doesn’t have to stay like that
Cause eventhough we go through difficult situations
There is a new life starting right now.

There is a new life starting…

Como el Agua

Written By: Black Gandhi

Como el Agua
Yo quiero correr, yo quiero ser libre
Nacer en el cielo y brotar en la tierra
Lo blando es más fuerte que lo duro
Por eso es que quiero sacarte del apuro.

La libertad no se compra ni se vende
Es mi verdad, me comprendes?

Como el Agua


Written By: Black Gandhi

I open my eyes and there’s you
Looking at the silly face I go through
I just woke up and the sun shines
And I am so happy with the look in your eyes

My little turtle, my sweet pony
Everytime I think of you I taste honey
My butterfly with magic wings
If I stay under the sun I’ll have to swim

Come to papi, come to mami
There’s nothing like home sweet home
The world is so wide, wide open
Let us go around it…


Written By: Black Gandhi

Patera, mucha patera
Banderas, demasiadas barreras

Tomé la decisión de cambiar todo lo malo de mi vida
Y miro al horizonte cuando atravieso el mar en mi navío
Todo lo que yo he querido es darle una nueva vida a mi familia
Y es que para no morir
Tomé la decisión de partir
Quiero cambiar mi destino…

Patera, mucha patera
Banderas demasiadas barreras

La vie ne m’a pas laissé le choix, je quitte mon territoire
Partir pour survivre, partir ou mourir
Sur ce navire, je tue le temps et de temps en temps
Je pense en la Bonnaire de ma famille.

Les secondes terribles, les heures épouvantes
Mon cœur est brouillé par la colère de la mer
Mais j’ai la force de continuer car je sais que ma mère
Ma mère fais-la prie pour ma vie

C’est ne pas un jeu!
C’est une question de vie ou de mort
C’est ne pas un jeu,
Pour toutes les immigrantes dans ce monde
Et qu’est ce que fais le monde pour changer cette situation
Je ne sais pas, je vais fais ma part pour changer mon destin

Je vais changer mon destin

Rema, rema, rema, rema, rema…

Quiero cambiar mi destino!


Written By: Black Gandhi

Joy is not just a state of mind
You can save it underneath your moods
It doesn’t matter if you’re sad or mad
It doesn’t matter if you’re “laughing”
You can always have Joy
You can save it deep inside of you

Live your life,
Live your life in happiness
Live your life,
Don’t you worry about a thing

What can I do
To turn what’s wrong into right
I can only change a square meter around myself
I hope that’s a good start
To make my butterfly effect
I can make you happy only if i am.

Live your life,
Live your life in happiness
Live your life,
Don’t you worry about a thing


Black Gandhi's song "Pateras" is featured on Putumayo's compilation "Latin Reggae". Putumayo World Music 2008.
"Joy", Black Gandhi's debut album released on may 2008. Available on iTunes, Amazone, eMusic and Black Gandhi's online store.

Set List

Black Gandhi's sets normally take 1:30h to 2:00h. All original music. Some times an exceptional cover is included.