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Sevilla, Andalusia, Spain | INDIE

Sevilla, Andalusia, Spain | INDIE
Band World Blues


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"Diego Amador delivers mesmerizing mix in his USA Debut"

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But rarely will you hear it fused more elegantly with the sensibility of American jazz than in the work of pianist Diego Amador, who made his American debut Wednesday night before an overflow crowd in Preston Bradley Hall of the Chicago Cultural Center.

In many ways, Amador transcends the categories into which artists often are placed, in that his music ranges from classical formality to free-wheeling improvisation, from Spanish folkloric dance forms to Keith Jarrett-inspired piano soliloquy.

All of these influences, and then some, emerged in an intellectually vibrant, technically brilliant performance that gave listeners a great deal to ponder. Whether playing piano solos, occasionally chanting in a magnificently craggy tenor or performing duets with percussionist Luis Amador (his nephew), Diego Amador consistently aspired to the highest level of musical sophistication--and generally attained it.

From the opening of this performance, an extended tone poem for solo piano, Amador made clear the lessons he has learned from the piano works of Isaac Albeniz (especially "Iberia") and Enrique Granados ("Goyescas"). Certainly Albeniz's exalted lyricism and keyboard virtuosity, as well as Granados' lush colors and exquisite melodic ornamentation, inspired Amador's pianism in this piece and others.

But he went well beyond these precedents, venturing into unorthodox chords, intriguingly eccentric voicings, mercurially unpredictable rhythms and a thoroughly free-flowing improvisational style. At some junctures, he drew upon the straightforward rhythms of pre-20th Century Spanish repertoire; at others, he evoked the gently rolling swing patterns of mainstream American jazz; in still others, he simply suspended any sense of beat or meter.

And when Amador began to chant, his oft-wordless vocal lines accompanied by his own restlessly inventive pianism, listeners heard a music at once informed by history yet bracingly original. The sheer stylistic range, tonal beauty and artistic depth certainly surpassed the expectations of at least one listener, though the demands of Amador's art proved too much for some in the audience, who left early. Perhaps they were expecting castanets.

The event represented an auspicious opening for the Flamenco 2004 Festival, which will include concerts, lectures, films and an art exhibition over the next several weeks, presented by the Instituto Cervantes in conjunction with the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs.

Equally important, Amador was playing the Cultural Center's new Steinway concert grand, which on first hearing sounded exceptional, particularly considering the generally over-reverberant acoustical qualities of Bradley Hall. - Chicago Tribune

"Summary press"

-Imaginese que Camarón, Chick Corea y Bela Batok fuesen una misma persona...
-Universos complices Diego Amador y Charlie HAden
-Diego A. se consagra en la Bienal de Flamenco. Su toque fue majestuoso, grandilocuente, de sonido limpio, rico en matices, dueño de las escalas...
- El Pais / ABC/ Chicago Tribune/ Piano Magazine/

"Raimundo Amador in TV"

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Toda la discografía se encuentra disponible en SPOTIFY, (Streaming)
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Raimundo Amador Discogrphy
-Raimundo Amador
-Mundo Amador
-Noches de FLamenco y Blues
-Medio Hombre, Medio Guitarra

DIego Amador Discography
-EL Aire de lo Puro
-Piano Jondo
-Rio de los Canasteros (Nominated - Grammy Latinos)

Pata Negra (Hermanos Amador)
-Pata Negra
-Inspiración y Locura
-Guitarras Callejeras
-Rock Gitano
-Como una Vara Verde



Raimundo and Diego Amador, are a fundamental part of the New Flamenco. The new project has as aim, joining the major and the minor of the Amador`s brothers just to share music and talent.

The older of the brothers, Raimundo is a Virtuous guitarist and one of the most charismatic Spanish artists. He is well known by the mythical group VENENO “Poison”, or “Pata Negra” and at the present by his own name and his tours and recordings with the king of the Blues, B.B. King.

Diego Amador, Pianist, Flamenco singer and multistrumentista, is one of the most international Famenco artist. In the last years he has shared scene with bigs stars of the Jazz as Path, Metheny, Chick Corea , Charlie Haden, Abraham Laboriel, Alex Acuña, Larrie Coriel or Birelli Lagrene among others.

The Amador family is nowadays an unavoidable stamp of the Sevillian Flamenco. They have created one important school of guitar in this musical world, and They are a fundamental part of the modernization of the Flamenco Art.
Raimundo and Rafael have done history, fusing the traditional mode with other paces, specially with famous groups as "Veneno " and Pata Negra ".

Meanwhile, Diego, the minor of eight brothers, was dreaming of being an artist, observing his olders brothers already recognized in the musical world. He has been spectator of this musical revolution prepared in his own house. That was what allowed him to discover unusual music for his age in this epoch, like were the Blues and the Jazz music, leading it to falling in love with a new instrument for the family, " The piano ". Nowaday he is recognizad as one of the best in his genre.

The importance of the Amador family is recognized in a lot of
cinema Documentarys like
“El Angel, Rock de los
Gitanos, Familia Amador”
“Dame Veneno”,
ANd the newest ad next
to appear
“Diego Amador,
the Gypsy
“Papa Gordo”


Raimundo y Diego Amador, son parte fundamental del Nuevo Flamenco. En este proyecto se unen el mayor y menor de los hermanos Amador para compartir música y talento.

Raimundo, virtuoso guitarrista , es uno de los músicos mas carismáticos de España . Reconocido por revolucionar el Flamenco fusionandolo con nuevas músicas. Ha formado parte de los legendarios grupos “Veneno” y “Pata Negra” sin ollvidar su trabajado con Camarón de la Isla dejando uno de los discos mejor considerados como “La Leyenda del Tiempo”. Actualmente graba y actúa con su propio nombre y ha compartido numerosas giras con el Rey del Blues B.B. King.
Diego Amador, pianista, cantaor y multinstrumentista, es considerado como una de los flamencos con mas proyección internacional. En los últimos años ha compartido escenario con grandes del Jazz como Path, Metheny, Chick Corea , Charlie Haden, Abraham Laboriel, Alex Acuña, Larrie Coriel or Birelli Lagrene entre otros.

un poco de historia
La familia Amador es hoy en día un sello ineludible del Flamenco sevillano. Han creado escuela de guitarra, y son parte fundamental de la modernización de este Arte.
Raimundo y Rafael han hecho historia, fusionando lo tradicional con otros estilos, especialmente con los famosos grupos “Veneno” y “Pata Negra” .

Mientras tanto, Diego, el menor de ocho hermanos, soñaba con ser artista, observando a sus hermanos mayores, siendo ya reconocidos en el mundo de la música. El ha sido espectador de esa revolución musical que gestaban en su propia casa. Eso fue lo que le permitió escuchar música inusual para su edad en la Andalucía de los 70, como lo fueron el Blues y el Jazz. Así es como introduce el piano a su universo musical que hasta entonces había sido fundamentalmente la guitarra. Ha sido precursor en la incorporación de este nuevo instrumento para el Flamenco y hoy en día se lo considera un referente.

La familia Amador es reconocida en numerosos documentales cinematográficos como:

“El Angel, Rock de los
Gitanos, Familia Amador”
“Dame Veneno”,
Y los próximo a estrenarse
como son:
“Diego Amador,
el Mozart Gitano” , dirigido por Pilar Távora, y
“Papa Gordo”,
sobre Raimundo Amador