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Victoria, British Columbia, Canada | SELF

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada | SELF
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"Rockin' Hard With No Apologies"

Black Hat Villain has been together, in one form or another, for the better part of four years. But the Langford collective didn't become a group -- in the strictest sense -- until last year.

After meeting each other through a mutual friend, singer Scott Valentine sat down to jam with his future bandmates, drummer Tim Sweeting, bassist Ian Chisholm, and guitarists Abe Cox and Sam Edmundson. An unspoken vibe emerged, and in no time Valentine had let go of the wall he had built between himself and the outer musical world.

"I really didn't want to be in a band," Valentine said. "I had just quit the one I was in, and I was done with writing. But when I heard Sam play guitar, I knew I couldn't pass it up."

The Langford quintet's popularity has exploded since the addition of Valentine -- who dubs himself Scotty Tuesday in Black Hat Villain -- in March of last year.

This summer, Black Hat Villain was one of three finalists in the Fox Vancouver Seeds competition, an influential talent showcase run by Vancouver rock radio station

C-FOX. The homegrown group beat nearly 400 entrants from across B.C. for a spot in the finals, enjoying plenty of radio exposure both at home (thanks to modern rock station the Zone) and on the mainland.

"It was a great ride and a great experience," said Valentine, who, as a solo artist, was a finalist in a similar contest run this summer by another Vancouver radio station, Shore 104.

"It was disappointing not to take home the grand prize, but we're doing it, and have the intuition and experience to do it ourselves."

The title track from Black Hat Villain's new EP, My Generation, which is now in regular rotation at Edmonton rock station the Bear, has become a calling card for Black Hat Villain.

The up-tempo track is a throwback -- to the early '90s, perhaps -- when rock music didn't require as many qualifying adjectives as it does today. Fans have responded, Valentine said, because the hard-rock band isn't trying to be anything but itself.

"The word 'vintage' is used a lot because we have a certain authenticity," he said. "Today's music is cookie-cutter pop, and we're supposed to believe that's what people want? Most people just want to feel. They want to experience something unique, and to hear something that speaks to them about the truths in their lives."

Its loyal audience, lovingly dubbed the Black Hat Nation, is always out in force to lend its support (the band's performance tomorrow night at V-Lounge is sold out in advance). Fans often travel to see the group perform and have become the unofficial sixth member of the Black Hat Villain family.

"We're proud to be from Langford," Valentine said. "We know the jokes and backhanded comments and whatnot, but that's who we are. There's good people out there, maybe a little on the blue-collar side, but they love their rock 'n' roll."

Valentine's on-stage persona, Scotty Tuesday, also loves his rock 'n' roll. He sports a trademark uniform -- white suit, black hat, cane, sunglasses -- which helps him get into a zone for Black Hat Villain's high-voltage live performances.

"This is wag-your-finger-at-people rock 'n' roll. Join the revolution, pump your fist and pound against the wall rock 'n' roll, which is perfectly up my alley."

- Times Colonist

"Black Hat Villain Live at The Commodore Ballroom"

"Final performers to the platform were Black Hat Villain, from Vancouver Island. The vocalist of this band, came out in a white suit, a towering, lanky man with a big bushy beard. Unlike the first to leads, he brought more power to the stage. This band had the most sincerity and organic rock blood. Each member owned his position, working hard but really pouring themselves into every note. Out of each band in the finals, it was this band that had something truly amazing. Every song felt original, and again unlike the first two bands, not like a rip off of some other group. The explosive presentation rocked the audience, and had the building swaying. By far this was the best group."

-Jamie Taylor
- Vancouver Concert Addicts

"Black Hat Villain Live at The Commodore Ballroom"

"Final performers to the platform were Black Hat Villain, from Vancouver Island. The vocalist of this band, came out in a white suit, a towering, lanky man with a big bushy beard. Unlike the first to leads, he brought more power to the stage. This band had the most sincerity and organic rock blood. Each member owned his position, working hard but really pouring themselves into every note. Out of each band in the finals, it was this band that had something truly amazing. Every song felt original, and again unlike the first two bands, not like a rip off of some other group. The explosive presentation rocked the audience, and had the building swaying. By far this was the best group."

-Jamie Taylor
- Vancouver Concert Addicts

"Pearl Jam But With Big Hairy Balls!"

"...Black Hat Villain sounds like Pearl Jam, but with big hairy balls!" - -caller to 94X FM in Prince George

"My Generation (EP) : Review"

They´ve got the same hooks as Breaking Benjamin, the same energy as The Foo Fighters and deserves to be as huge as Nickelback. They are Black Hat Villain and this is their new EP "My generation".
Call it active rock, modern rock or post grunge, I call it classy rock.
We get 6 smashing songs that all sound like killers in my ears, crank it up baby!

-Kaj - Palace of Rock

"The Next Great Canadian Rock Band"

"Get in your car, crank the qwindows down and Black Hat Villain up. These guys WILL be the next great Canaian rock band."

-Graeme Tait, DJ - 106.9 FM The Wolf

"Solid Debut Single"

"My Generation is a solid debut single from Victoria's Black Hat Villain."

-Rob Robson - Former Program Director of Galaxie Rock and 99.3 FM The Fox

"Vancouver Seeds 2010"

“400 Bands signed up, more than 50,000 fan votes were cast at Black Hat Villain emerged as 1 of 3 winners of Fox Vancouver Seeds 2010 alongside Stars of Boulevard and Beyond the Fall. 99.3 The Fox are proud to be supporting BHV…. Keep an eye out for this band!"

-Dunner, Program Director, 99.3 FM The Fox - The Fox 99.3 FM

"The Life You've Always Wanted to Live"

"Black Hat Villain's music is the perfect soundtrack to the rock and roll life you've always wanted to live."

Dave Sawchuk - Music Director, The Zone 91.3 FM (Victoria)

- The Zone 91.3 FM

"Fox Seeds Winners Announced"

Victoria's Black Hat Villain captures the spirit of vintage rock 'n' roll with a solid dose of modern influences. Urgent hard rock that's instantly recognizable and should give them plenty of radio spins.

- Leader Post

"Day Two of Rifflandia: An Amazing Experience So Far"

10:45 p.m. Black Hat Villain sure has its diehard fans, and each one sang aloud to the Langford group's songs at Upstairs Cabaret. The good thing about reviewing Rifflandia? You are committed to seeing as many bands as humanly possible. The bad part is that you must leave partway through what looks to be an amazing set. The early '90s rock of Black Hat Villain, whose singer, Scott Valentine, is a capital F frontman (black fedora, black scarf, white suit, cane), was getting revved up big-time.

-Mike Devlin - Times Colonist

"Best of The Fest"

Black Hat Villain. Prospective members of the Black Hat Nation should arrive early, as these hard-rocking locals (returning after their month-long Dirty and Dangerous tour) know how to pack 'em in. Upstairs Cabaret, 10:30 p.m.

- Times Colonist

"Sitting Down with Black Hat Villain"

ack Hat Villain is a band based out of Victoria, British Columbia. Rounding out the band is bassist Ian Chisholm, drummer Tim Sweeting, guitarists Abe Cox and Sam Edmundson and vocalist Scotty Tuesday. The band promotes itself as a dirty and dangerous Rock and Roll that they want everyone to be a part of. When asked about their live show, lead singer Scotty Tuesday said “onstage we are a version of ourselves, an honest version, but amplified version of ourselves. You just don’t know night to night what you’re going to get… It all comes together and reveals itself as a 5 fisted monster, musically it’s tight, but there is that element of surprise every time we get up there.”
Live, the band wants to show passion and honesty in their music. Trying to avoid the typical cookie cutter boxed image, they want you to feel the music. They love to hear fans tell them that the music spoke to them and just really rocked them. ”It doesn’t matter if we are playing for 2 people or 200 people, we’re there to rock you. It’s not how many people are there at the show, it’s how many people you convert.” said guitarist Abe.
Feeling extremely connected to their fans, they are sure to make themselves as available as possible. Fully embracing the internet as a connection tool, the band promotes themselves and their fans as the “Black Hat Nation”. You can find them on all the social mediums such as Twitter, Facebook and Myspace. Feeling that the group is like a tribe of people coming together over their love of music, the group has even had nation members help them with things like accommodations while on the road. When asked how this has helped with the promotion of the band, Scotty said “10 years ago you would have had to give a kid a bunch of posters for an upcoming show and hope he actually went out and put them up, now with all of the social networking sites out there it so much easier to get the word out. Feeling this ease of connection with fans means you don’t miss the little connections that might never have come without the instant interaction.”
Black Hat Villain is a band that loves its fans and loves its rock and roll. Give them a venue and they will rock it. So be sure to connect with the band and send them a message.
- Mark Hamilton
- Unrated Music

"Black Hat Villain Rocked The Rusty Cage"

Black Hat Villain wants to rock you. That is exactly what they did live at the Rusty Cage in Calgary, Alberta. Playing their brand of dirty and dangerous rock and roll they came to put on a great show. This was just one stop on a long trip through western Canada and the guys showed no signs of wear. Starting the show off with a bang, they kept it going all throughout the set.
The band made sure that they had plenty of audience participation throughout the set and after only a song or two the dance floor was crowded. Everyone watched, enthralled by the spectacle and enjoying themselves.

This is one band that knows how to perform and is definitely worth seeing. If they are coming to your city don’t miss out on this amazing live show. - Unrated Music

"Black Hat Villains Hit Grande Prairie"

Playing live at Better Than Fred's tonight is Black Hat Villain.

And that's the way they like it.

Bassist Ian Chisholm knows many bands make the claim, "you have to see us live," and he said his band is not the exception.

"It's definitely a live show," said Chisholm. "It's just like a super energy rock show. Our frontman, Scotty, is very engaging. Our show just rocks."

The Villains have been compared to a heavy Pearl Jam and the Foo Fighters. Chisholm said their musical influences cover a broad spectrum including heavy death metal band All That Remains, Ray LaMontagne, and John Lennon. All the original music off their My Generation debut album is part of the set list.
"My Generation is the one we are really pushing," said Chisholm, of one of the tracks. "That's the one we are going to radio with."

Black Hat Villain was one of three winners in the 2010 Vancouver Seeds new artist search competition, put on by a Vancouver radio station 99.3 The Fox.

"It's just dirty dangerous rock 'n roll," said Chisholm. "It seems to be reaching a lot of people. People are getting really into it."

The Victoria-based band comes to the city as part of a 12-date Dirty and Dangerous Western Canadian Tour.

Black Hat Villain is Tim Sweeting on drums, Chisholm on bass, guitarists Abe Cox and Sam Edmundson and vocalist Scotty Tuesday. Though the band's been together in various incarnations for four years, the current line up has been together for about a year and a half.

The band plays quite frequently in Vancouver and Victoria but this is the first time with the new band they have been out this way. - Daily Herald-Tribune

"This Villain Is Ready To Rock"

Scotty Tuesday has almost forgiven Prince George for stealing his home-town Victoria hockey team.

Now he’s ready to party, meet new fans and rock out with his band Black Hat Villain when they play The Generator on Sept. 14 and 15.

The Dirty and Dangerous Western Canada Tour 2010 takes in cities including Kelowna, Kamloops, Vernon, Calgary, Edmonton and Lethbridge.

Black Hat Villain’s line-up: Sam Edmundson, vocals and guitar; Abe Cox, guitars; Tim Sweeting, drums; and Ian Chisholm, bass and back-up vocals.

Since the five band mates came together a year ago, Black Hat Villain has found a loyal legion of fans.

“We’ve definitely got a fast growing fan base, said Tuesday. “They’re called the Black Hat Nation and they are a very fervent bunch, very passionate and they do what they can for us, even flying into our shows. There’s lots of movement there.”

Besides the screaming, how do you know true blue Black Villain Nation fans in a crowd?

“They’ll either have our Black Hat Villain T-shirts or at least wristbands on – we’re hoping to bring our wristbands up to Prince George to hand out, that’s our calling card,” said Tuesday. “There’s nothing like it in the entire music industry. I’ve been told that by Alan Reid, head of Maple Records. He was at the Commodore (Vancouver) where we played two weeks ago and he was blown away by it.”

The souvenirs and merchandise table at a Black Hat Villain show is special, he said.

“We have everything from $5 beer cozy and wristbands to a $60 package with T-shirts and CDS. We try to take care of our fans so they’ll be proud to wear what we put out for them as well as they love to hear our music – which is foremost of course.”

The band also reaches out to fans.

“We’re huge into social networking – Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube – we’re all over that, personally checking in and reaching out in all these forums. It’s been fantastic. You can chat with people, it’s such a reward.”

Getting their music out there is different from a decade ago.

“We were talking the other day saying how it’s so different from 10 years ago when you’d go on tour and just hope people would show up to listen to you.

“We’re at the point in our career that we don’t have to beg our friends to come out and listen to us (he laughs.) They want to be there.“

When the band got together a year ago “we just clicked. When you see us live, it’s very magical. We have a great live show. There’s few things like that.”

Tuesday is not likely to forget his play date for Prince George

“I hear Prince George is a great party town – and it’s going to be my birthday that day, also the start of five shows in a row, so it should be fun.”

He also plans to make new friends.

“Many years ago when I was a teenager, I was living in Victoria when we had the Victoria (Cougars) hockey team moved up to Prince George. I still have a sour taste in my mouth,” he jokes.

“So I need to come up there to Prince George, meet some really neat people and forgive them for stealing my hockey club.”

Black Hat Villain plays The Generator, 1232 Third Ave. as part of the Dirty and Dangerous Western Canadian Tour 2010 on Sept. 14 and 15.

For more about the band visit - Prince George Free Press

"Black Hat Villain Pulls No Punches"

Black Hat Villain just loves to stir up controversy with their full-throttle alternative rock sound.

And now that the Victoria-based band has released a six-song EP, they are on the Dirty and Dangerous Western Canadian Tour with a first-time pit stop at The Taphouse tonight at 8 p.m.

My Generation> reveals an ego that is melodic, frantic and in a nod to the golden age of rock and roll, makes no apologies for their face-melting fury. Yes, they are hot to the touch as they chart the demise and changing structure of a floating generation.

“Our sound is powerful. There’s something almost dangerous in it. We rock hard. We rock powerful. It’s raw passion,” says lead vocalist Scotty Tuesday.

Rounding out the fivesome is Sam Edmundson (vocals/guitar), Abe Cox (guitars), Tim Sweeting (drums) and Ian Chisholm (bass).

The band refined their sound since 2006 when Sweeting and Edmundson started jamming together. They pulled in Cox and Chisholm. Once Tuesday was added to the mix in 2009, all the pieces fell into place and they clicked as a unit.

Once the songwriting developed focus, they connected with producer Mike Fraser, best known for his work with AC/DC, Metallica and Aerosmith. Fraser, who was able to open a few doors for Black Hat, recorded My Generation with sound engineer Adam Sutherland at Infiniti Studios, a small project studio in Victoria.

“We want to be true to who we are. Musically, we come across as being very passionate and sharing that energy. That moment in time is a powerful collective experience for us.”

While Edmundson is the main songwriter for four songs, the main single My Generation was a co-write with Tuesday and One Way Street evolved as a collaborative band effort. But every song is unified with a no-holds-barred flurry of commentary.

My Generation releases pent up feelings of being lost in the world and One Way Street is more about losing yourself in a bad dream. All My Friends Are Dead shoulders detachment and alienation and Rain or Shine tackles depression.

None of these are light, fizzy tunes. But as Edmundson explains it, “We just want to speak for people. Everyone goes through the same things, and it’s nice to listen to a song that speaks to you.” - St. Albert Gazette

"The Next Big Thing"

''....the next big International thing to come out of Canada's West Coast... "
Alan Cross - Explore Music
- Explore Music

"Black Hat Villain releases "My Generation""

Black Hat Villain is proud to announce the release of "My Generation", the first single from their debut EP. Mixed by Mike Fraser, the track has been generating industry buzz throughout North America. - BHV

"Review: Black Hat Villain"

One of the best bands to come out of Vancouver, BC is the dirty and dangerous rock n’ rollers Black Hat Villain. The band has released a 6-track EP, My Generation, which quite frankly could be the best release of the year. The tracks are hard hitting and grab you from the opening of the title track through to Country, the EP’s closer. The only weakness that I can come up with about the My Generation EP is that it is only 6 tracks long and way too short - but it is only an EP after all.

My Generation is a catchy anthem and could truly be the voice of the next generation, while One Way Street, All My Friends Are Dead and Rain Or Shine are a bit more crunchy and direct. Throughout the CD, there is a powerful rhythm section providing the driving power of the band, while the guitars and harmony vocals sell it.

RockStar Weekly recently attended a Thorny Bleeder Records showcase and that’s where we caught a Black Hat Villain performance. It was the crowd interaction and the fist pumping that made us want to investigate what all the fuss was about. By the time they played My Generation, the audience was transfixed on the band and we were sold on their ability to rock the crap out of us.

It’s exciting to hear a band that loves to rock out and kick some serious ass. Rush might have owned it in the 80s and Nickelback are the current reigning champions of melodic rock n’ roll, but Black Hat Villain are the most likely successor to Canada’s international rock throne. This is honest sounding vintage rock n’ roll with a bit of punch. And a band like this only comes around once in a generation – my generation. - Rockstar Weekly


The band's first 6 song EP, 'My Generation', was released digitally on April 27th, 2010. The EP features four songs mixed by Mike Fraser (AC/DC, Metallica) and two songs mixed by producer Adam Sutherland.

In April, 2010, BHV was selected as Band of The Month on The Zone 91.3 FM in Victoria. In August, 2010, BHV was announced as one of 99.3 FM The Fox's Seeds Winners in its 31st Annual Vancouver Seeds Contest which has produced such other well known acts as Nickelback, Matthew Good Band, Bif Naked, Default and many more.

The title track of the EP was released as the first single and has been in medium rotation on Galaxie Satellite Radio, The Zone 91.3 FM, 94X FM in Prince George, Rock 107.1 FM in Columbus, Kansas, The Fox 99.3 FM in Vancouver and 100.3 The Bear FM in Edmonton. The track also receives feature spins on The Wolf 106.9 FM in Nanaimo, The Hawk 89.5 FM in Chilliwack, Power 104 FM in Kelowna, Rock 97 in Grande Prairie, Rock 105 in Medicine Hat, Rock 106 in Lethbridge, The Goat 106.1 FM in Lloydminster, The Wolf 104.9 in Regina, Power 97 FM in Winnipeg, The Fox 105.3 FM in Fredericton and 90 FM in Amarillo, Texas.

In addition, Alan Cross and Explore Music have featured Black Hat Villain on their website three separate times.



Genre: Rock & Roll
Origin: Canada
Official band Website:
Facebook Site:
Twitter site:


“As for an authentic villain, the real thing, the absolute, the
artist, one rarely meets him even once in a lifetime…”

~Sidonie Gabrielle Colette

Catalyzed by a cocktail of American powerhouse alternative,
Trans-Atlantic hard rock and deep, dirty groove, Black Hat Villain
has done the impossible and captured lightning in a bottle.
Summoning the authenticity and unapologetic honesty of vintage rock & roll, the five fingers of BHV curl into a fist that packs one unforgettable punch: The freight train ferocity of Tim Sweeting on
drums and Ian Chisholm on bass, the double-barrel guitar onslaught of Abe Cox and Sam Edmundson, the snarling, soaring vocals of the
cane-wielding Scotty Tuesday… this is the anatomy of a hard rock colossus.
Itʼs the trademark conviction and raw intensity of the Villainʼs live show that has put them on the map -- a dangerous alchemy of dirty,
driving soul and melodic mayhem in a world starved for uncompromising, unadulterated rock & roll.
The Black Hat Nation is rising. And the fists of the madding crowd are their flag.
This is viral.
This is visceral.
This is as real as it gets.
This is Black Hat Villain.