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On their new CD, Eight Inches or More, Atlanta's Blackheadz have captured the musical essence of the exploitation film. The recording, released under the ever-so-subtle title Eight Inches or More, features cover art depicting a beautiful young lady suggestively embracing a Fender Precision bass, an ace of spades on the tray card and lyrics that make liberal use of profanity. In a way, one could make an argument that Eight Inches... is the audio equivalent of The Toxic Avenger or Black Belt Jones. However, much like those films, there is some serious artistic merit beneath all the sensationalism. After all, many contemporary filmmakers cite the exploitation films as major influences.

Blackheadz have a sound that could be likened to Fishbone meets Danzig by way of early Motley Crue: loud, rough, often funky and surprisingly catchy. In a nutshell, Blackheadz play amped-up punk/funk with a vengeance. Starting with a 10-second drum roll, "Let's Go" is a punky, up-tempo charger complete with group-shout choruses. The next track, "King of Freaks," opens with obstinate, open-chord riffing most associated with classic heavy metal and segues into a more contemporary start-stop rhythm. It wouldn't be a stretch to say that either of these tracks could get a pit moving, but Blackheadz are not content with being a one-trick pony. The bluesy "Skin Game" showcases a slow, indelible 12-bar groove punctuated by a wailin', "Buddy Guy-with-a-Floyd Rose" solo courtesy of guitarist Scott Mitchell. "Stand Up" features the call-and-response structure of classic gospel music, but the distorted guitar and secular lyrical content ensure that even the most liberal congregations wouldn't consider using it on Sunday morning. Meanwhile, dub bass-lines and wah-punctuated guitar give "Ass on Fire" a decidedly Caribbean feel. All the players possess great versatility and proficiency. While the mixing and mastering is a bit raw, it wouldn't have suited the band's punk ethos to have recorded it any other way. (Self-released)

-Matthew S. Maynard
- Southeast Performer

BLACKHEADZ/Eight Inches Or More (Self Released) This was some really cool metal with a mixture of thrash, rock, punk and a touch of groove to it. They sort of reminded me of Fishbone a bit. The band can thrash out one minute and then mix in some rock to their sound. You have no idea what is coming next. The production is on the money and if your want something different, something cool, something a bit off the wall, then here ya go. I enjoyed it and I know you will too. NJ - Metal Fanzine Review

Rock: I'm here to tell you that Blackheadz is a rock band, period. Whenever a rock band consisting of Black musicians hits the scene, many people want to call it Black Rock and trot out the usual comparisons (Living Colour, 24-7 Spyz, Bad Brains, Fishbone, etc.). But, with their CD "Eight Inches Or More", Blackheadz brings pure rock on par with such greats as Rush, Pearl Jam, Iron Maiden or even Zeppelin, The Doors and Black Sabbath. They are, at times, conscious with songs like 'American Arrogance' and at other times gritty and adult-oriented as heard on 'A** On Fire' (which also features a wicked guitar solo). One of the things that blew me away throughout the album was the unbelievable instrumentation. Top to bottom, Shay (vocals, bass), Scott (lead guitar), B-Mack (keyboards) and Shep (drums) can hang with anyone when it comes to musicianship. Some of my favorites include 'Devishly Beautiful' (on which Shep works the pedals like he has 4 or 5 feet), 'Stand Up' (that sounds like rock meets down home revival) and 'King of Freaks'. They put me in the mindset of Marilyn Manson as they spoke about worldly ills on 'Oh Yeah' and took me back to the Prince's early 'Dirty Mind' days on 'Misbehave'. All I know is that I've been replaying this CD constantly and there aren't too many new releases that I can say that about! (4.9 Ears) - DJ Random of Earwax Music


"8 Inches or More"- Total Eclipse Records
Various independent stations throughout the world.



Welcome to the world of Blackheadz, this is a musical experience of hard hitting, jaw dropping, hard to the core Rock Music. Blackheadz come to you from Atlanta GA. with a style that is unmatched and very hard to pin-point. Blackheadz take you back to the roots of what rock n' roll started out as. Shay, B. Mac, J. Rand and Shep! have such a wide range of talents as well as different influences that makes their sound a bit of a musical "stew". In their set you will hear driving rock, punk, blues, jazz, funk and even a little gospel w/ no two songs sounding alike. They are a rockin' power band, but they do call upon the assistance of keys and horns to add more dynamics to some of the songs on their debut album "Eight Inches or More". Their live show is nothing short of pure, raw energy and will leave you wanting more.
Blackheads describe their style of music as, Punk-n-Roll and a lot of F****n Soul, which is a variation of eclectic sounds and head banging music. Blackheadz is not your father’s music, their music is nothing like your typical Rock-n-Roll music of today. Blackheadz music is more edger, sexier, and much more adult oriented then the current bubble gum, manufactured rock on the radio. Blackheadz are original and unique they have something for everybody to enjoy, whether you like Hip-Hop, R&B, Neo Soul, or New -Wave.
The band is comprised of four individual musicians united in a common cause to represent the realness of original music and to express the true essence of Rock-n-Roll. Blackheadz display what it means to truly live and party like a rock star. They came together in 2004 when a group of friends form Lagrange, GA met up and decided to use their multi-talents to create a bad ass band called Blackheadz. The bands conclusion was to come together and create a band that would make hot music and take over the world.

Blackheadz debut album, 8 Inches or More speaks of fun, sex, politics, rock music, lust, self-reliance, and the state of American society. Each song is packed with a message that is sure to nibble or tug at your ear (depending on what you are into). The melodies and rhythms are intense and full of energy. Each song packs enough power to catch the attention of all types of music lovers. Check out break through tracks such fan favorites like; “Rock-n-Roll aint Dead,” “ Ass of Fire”, and the ladies special request, “King of Freaks.” Blackheadz are currently gearing up for their Summer 08 concert series and they are actively working on new material for their upcoming album which is still in development. For more information on Blackheadz such as music sites and fan pages please log on to