blackheart afterglow

blackheart afterglow


Rock/indie band who in 2011 featured on BBC Introducing, Amazing Radio, Radio Manchester et al.The band are confirmed for The Printworks Festival for 2012 and also for the Indie Rocks Live shows also in Manchester this spring.


Born September 2010 The Blackhearts quickly got onto the North of England's live music circuit starting at Lancaster University in November. From there the band has gigged extensively at some of the best known music venues through out the UK with an ever growing army of dedicated followers who cram into buses and cars to support the band home and away.

The band have been compared to The Raconteurs, Oasis, Black Keys, The Doors and David Bowie by various music writers and have received favourable reviews, noted especially for intense and engaging live performance.


too much blood

Written By: turner

Don’t come here looking for a place you used to know
There is nothing sacred here , come on it is time to go
All around will detract the art
from everything you are.

Preacher said it is coming so do I know where I will be?
Rollercoaster? Prison? Or Sailing on the seas?
I resign to try and catch the start
I will be where I can feel.

Come on
I said it's time to go, but
I can’t let you leave
there’s too much blood
Do you see?

and all the savages once lovers
broken with blackhearts, torn, and
eaten/driven by the part they wanted to play
All time is now discarded
scratch the line and mark it
hold your breath,
just don’t breathe.

we are not the ones
we’re the only ones.


Walk into the Sea EP - released Sept 2011
Pressure.Crash.7 EP - released april 7 2011

Both EP's have add national and international air play.

Set List

30 min set - can play up to 1hr 20

Intro 1.43m
Pressure Drop
Too Much Blood
She Really Goes
Battle Cry
Seven Sisters
May God Have Mercy on Your Black Soul
The Wire