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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"getting started"

"The sextet's new self-titled EP features harrowing, sludgy, death-metal noise of the Zebulon Pike variety, but with howling vocals by singer Paddy Mulloy. A full devil-horn salute is in order. The EP was recorded down in Austin, Texas, with garage-punk veteran Tim Kerr, also the guy behind the Midnight Evils' last CD." - star tribune (mpls)


blackhearted force e.p.


Feeling a bit camera shy


In the year 2001, Cody Wayne (bass) was released from jail in San Antonio, Texas. He traveled the straight-line north to Minneapolis, Minnesota. Seeking a new life away from his heat-stricken incarcerated past, he met up with his longtime friend, Daniel Sarantaki (guitar). It was here he took a job planting prairies amid the puddle’d landscape of Minnesota. Day in and day out he shoveled. In the dank humid heat he shoveled. In the steady cold rain he shoveled. In the profound, fierce freezes, he shoveled, driving his spade into the earth heaving the load over his shoulder onto an ever-growing pile. This pattern is a shoveler’s bread and butter. It allows the mind to numb itself in the slow passing hours. In the winter months, the hard winds burn your skin and eyes and the cold silence is ghostly. The summer is the same but opposite, the heat is slow moving and the humidity pickles your skin and there are no ghosts. There are bathing suits and bad tans. The shoveling starts a pattern in your mind, a rhythm, a chorus, and a verse. The slow shoveling became songs and the songs became real…
In 2001, Matt Duff (guitar) and Mike Koch (drums) were making the journey north to Minneapolis to escape the geriatric curses of the Pittsburgh rain bowl. They too were hypnotized, not by the shovel, but by the pure passion of youth and punk. They shared the same slow, sludgy, snails pace, meandering tempos in their heads as Cody Wayne did, the slowness of winter, of work, of time, of too many beers, the slowness of Minneapolis.
In 2003, Cody and Mike met. In about a cigarettes age, a friendship was made. Mike and Matt soon joined forces with Dan and Cody as partners on a mission. With a shared passion for punk rock and peavey technology, the band was formed.
The four members had been juggling the idea of having a lead singer but such a chore is not easy when perfection is the expectation. Some folks started talking about a character around town that was known for his wildness, his penchant for intoxication, his relentless hooliganism, and his bellowing voice. His name was Paddy Malloy (voice) and he was immediately inducted and immediately perfect.
On America’s birthday 2003, the band commenced to Austin, Texas to record their first e.p. with legendary punk maestro, Tim Kerr. The sessions were held in the notorious Sweat Box recording studio. Sessions were hot, sweaty, and live. Seven songs were recorded until Tim pressed stop. A trip was made to the hot, festive Mexican flea markets of south Austin where a discovery was made that would give the band it’s name.
The Blackhearted Force was a bone-handled knife as intimidating and beautiful as the Aztec people it came from. Its price was great but its presence priceless.
The Blackhearted Force returned to Minneapolis with a record, a name, a knife and a desire to rock. Many shows were played and tours followed. The Blackhearted Force, it’s five members shoveling as one.

Shoveling most recently on a short tour of i-35 all the way back down to Austin to play at SXSW 2007. Many good memories and much gas money....