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"Test'm Out Tuesday II"

Tuesday is here, and you know what that means... New Tracks! Well, it's not like we aren't trying to post new tracks everyday but on Tuesday especially, we try to post tracks that we wanna see turn into dancefloor gold. The jams that when people hear them drop for the first time, they walk up to you spinning and are compelled to ask; "Yo, my good DJ. What pray tell is the name of this Jammy Jam?"

That awesome feeling we all love - when people recognize you got your shit together, that you are going to do your job by showing them new shit and not just going to feed them something easy like Paper Planes...again...and again...

and again...........


Starting this post off is an exclusive track from our favorite new artisit, Black Holes. Straight from our inbox to you the people comes the latest from these eager up starts. "War Drums" is fucking sick, and even if you don't read the rest of this post and just grab this track...I will feel like I have done my job as a blogger. - Penned Madness

"The Way it Is!"

Hey you!— jaded and bored blog reader… remember back when I used to post more crunk slash b’more? It’s been a while with my whole disc-synth obsession but I’ve been sent a few awesome tracks so I regress

First off BLACK HOLES… are so awesome… I don’t know why all the bloggers in the world aren’t on them. Their funky cutting-edge grooves should be tearing everyone onto the dance floor.. The duo are from Chicago and should be exploding into the scene real soon.. probably just around the time I will be turning 21 and flying over to legally catch them in action!

I think R!M!E belongs over in Chicago with Black Holes… in the whole underground/ B’more flavoured scene. He is kinda inevitably underappreciated in Sydney because we are so obsessed with Disco right now. He is supremely cool for sticking to his own sound and his productions have been amazing! - Trashbag Kids

"Studio B"

259 Banker St., Brooklyn (718-389-1880)—April 10: Since 2006, the twin brothers Greg and Darin Bresnitz, who operate under the moniker Finger on the Pulse, have established themselves as international ambassadors to the Brooklyn indie-electro scene. Their most recent brainchild, a party called “Yikes!!!,” brings in the British dubstep act Rusko (né Christopher Mercer), the French d.j. Phantom’s Revenge (who is making his U.S. début), and the hyphy tricksters Black Holes, of Chicago.
- The New Yorker

"I Like New Stufff, For Realz"

posted by franki - Tue, 08/12/2008 - 7:46pm

Isn't that photo cute? That's form when I played in CHICAGO with CRYSTAL CASTLES and RADIOCLIT. One of the best kids in the business, HOLLYWOOD HOLT, came out, and I'll tell ya, it's ALWAYS good to hang out with that kid.

I thought, hey, that's a rad photo, let's post some rad new tracks. so here we are, 2 new HOLLYWOOD HOLT tracks!! One is a collaboration between HOLLYWOOD and NYC legend JUNIOR SANCHEZ. It's called 'Beat Drop' and I like it.
The other is a remix of a HOLLYWOOD HOLT classic 'Caked Up' by new and kick-ass remix duo BLACK HOLES. I highly recommend clicking on their link and listening to their other track 'I'm A Beast' as well. Fucking real good for some new kids. Anyways, here's this one:
- Chan

"The Next Crookers"

I can’t tell you how excited I am to be posting for these guys. Black Holes consists of Mike Perry and Harry Hart and they are the newest in Chicago electro duo’s. Mike Perry, aka El Topo, is a good friend of mine and has been doing his thing in the local scene for a while now. I’m not too familiar with Harry, but I know that he interned with Simian Mobile Disco, and I think that says enough.

I don’t know if you caught it or not, but in my post about their Sonotheque show (tonight) I proclaimed Black Holes as the next Crookers, and I stand by it. It’s easy to tell when an artist/ musician has that “IT” factor, and these guys have it; no question about it. Their blend of b-more and crookers-esque drum kits are disgustingly catchy, and their crunchy basslines/ bulky synths will just flat out swallow you whole.

Peep their first single, “Hollywood Holt - Caked Up (Black Holes Remix)”, here or over at one of my favorites; IHEARTCOMIX.

Full-size logo downloads:
Version 1 (Black)
Version 2 (Space)

The song I’ve been humming for about 2 weeks now:
Black Holes - I’m A Beast - Hot Biscuits

"A Black Holes is Opening"

With all this talk of the LHC creating a black hole that will envelop the earth I think it’s about time that I write about the latest of up’n'coming Chicago producers, Black Holes. They are rather new to the scene here but they show little sign of n00biness. They are clearly some of the best producers to arise from our fledgling electro scene and certainly a welcome change from the mash-up and b-more that dominates the city’s hipster nights.

I’m not trying to belittle their abilities here, but describing their sound is rather simple. They sound like Crookers. So here’s where you think to yourself, “Why would I listen to this if I can listen to Crookers?” Well, firstly, Crookers is good and these kids are almost just as good. Two Crookers is better than one, my grandfather always told me. Secondly, I’m not sure if you guys are old enough to remember but about a year and a half ago (feb 7, 2007; about 8 years ago in blog years) I remember the fluokids posting a little tune called “Massive” by a then unknown duo called Crookers (later released on Pottymouth Records) that was somewhat overlooked because the general consensus was, “Oh, no big deal, they are just trying to sound like Switch.” Well, look where that got them. And I feel like Black Holes are capable of the same thing in the near future if they keep plugging away and develop their own sound so, when you download and play these tunes out now, you will have future ammunition for when they get big and you want to assert your authenticity. Although, now that I’ve said that, does it negate ones ability to use this as snob-fodder?

Anyways, they have certainly caught folks ears here in Chi and elsewhere. They were tapped to open for MSTRKRFT on their upcoming Chicago tour date. They also happen to be the winners of the Trouble & Bass Little Jinder remix contest that recently took place. Here’s a couple of their tunes to whet your appetite and you can hear their winning remix on their myspace.

- Trash Menagerie

"Black Holes and Revelations...."

Black Holes have kindly allowed me to post a bunch of their tunes. Who are Black Holes? Well, they're the new kids on the block, wielding everything you possibly need to catch the attention of the blogs right now - buzzy basslines, weighty synths, bmore drum work and a hype that's got them down as the next Crookers. Let's ignore the 'next Crookers' label because... well... they're probably getting a little bored of that (or alternatively getting very excited, bearing in mind Crookers' rapid ascent to fame once the blogs started plugging the hell out of their tunes).

It's Black Holes' 'I'm A Beast' that really caught my eye. I can't get enough of those clattering bmore drums right now. And here they provide the perfect build up to a huge drop into an all-buzzing bassline. The fizzing, crackling noise relentlessly whirs and thuds around your ears, giving it a big-room feel. No doubt killer on the dancelfoor:

Black Holes - I'm A Beast [pelski highly recommends]

Black Holes hail from Chicago and are Mike Perry and Harry Hart and, according to hot biscuit, the latter interned with Simian Mobile Disco. Not a bad place to start. Here we have the excellent 'War Drums' and a couple of remixes with more hefty synths, that roll along nicely to the choppy drum patterns. (Also check out their Little Jinders remix that won them the Trouble & Bass remix competition on their myspace) With the cut-up vocals snippets and bouncy drums the word 'crunk' springs to mind, but then so does 'Crookers'...and I promised not to mention them again... anyways, eat these up:

Black Holes - War Drums

Hollywood Holt - Caked Up (Black Holes Remix)

They've promised to send Pelski any new material, so prepare to hear more from Black Holes. - You Can Call me Pelski

"Black Holes-Little Jinder REMIX"

A couple weeks back our very own Local Hero (no pun intended), wrote to us about Black Holes. It was a very heady subject including algorithms and low frequencies, but in the end we got a better look into Chicago’s up and coming duo. Adding now to the arsenal provided by Local a few weeks ago is a big victory for the Black Holes kids. Last week the Trouble & Bass family announced the winners of their Little Jinder remix contest for her E.P release on T&B Recordings called “Polyhedron.” Black Holes indeed won and their remix of Polyhedron is available for you, at 320kps, at the bottom of the page.

You’ll notice immediately the foreshadow of bass heaviness as soon as the track starts. But beware of the breakdowns, as the truly professional rework of this Little Jinder tune comes to your attention quickly and only builds through out the rest of the track. The song is dynamic, rave-tastic, and will bass you. A particularly glorious moment comes at around 2:20 as Little Jinder’s tender voice juxtaposes the darkness of the Black Hole synths.

As this is a special treat for you Trash readers, be sure to pick up her Polyhedron EP over at Beatport, Turntable Lab, Juno, and iTunes. Further remixes of the track will be available soon from Drop The Lime, Math Head, Blackfinger, AC Slater, and Goon & Koyote. Congratulations Black Holes on being included in an all-star line-up of US & UK producers! Enjoy the heat below and look out for Black Holes to do big bassy things in 2009! - Trash Menagerie

"Polyhedron (Black Holes Mix)- Little Jinder"

A little while back, we predicted that Trouble & Bass signee Little Jinder–whose ethereal, melody-driven Polyhedron EP is something of an anomaly amid the label's pile of bass-heavy releases–would soon get the remix treatment. That time has now arrived. The T&B crew recently held a remix contest for the EP's title track, with winning tracks by Supra1, The Boys and Girls Club, Aumenaire, and our personal favorite, Black Holes. The latter slides a meticulously programmed beat underneath the original melody, then adds some trademark T&B elements to the track. Dark synth lines, deep bass, reverb-heavy vocals, and high energy reign here.

The T&B crew is compiling the aforementioned remixes, plus ones from label members Drop the Lime, Math Head, Goon & Koyote, and others, onto a 10-track release titled Polyhedron Remixed, headed for record stores in the near future - XLR8R Magazine

"The Sound Of Vegas"

Now that I’m back in town and on a semi-normal sleep schedule, I’m able to see what goodies people have left in my inbox. First up, local Chicago group Black Holes dropped off two tracks I’m geeked over. If these guys keep churning out tracks of this caliber, I think we’ll be seeing their name around a lot more often. Right up my alley with heavy peak-hour synths divided nicely with rhythmic breakdowns. Oh, bonus, they’re actually mastered nicely. Enjoy their remix of “Caked Up” as well as original track “I’m A Beast.” (”I’m A Beast” 320 obtained, link below updated). - D Squared (Dani Deal, writer for URB Magazine)


Future Shock Mix Tape:

War Drums EP SOON!



Hailing from the West Coast, The DJ/Producer Black Holes came to Chicago to take over the city. Mike Perry has been sucking in the world around him ever since.
Fueled by his love for house and electro. Perry created "Promo", with former partner Harry Hart. Promo is a five track EP created in one long session. After gaining local respect from "Promo," the Perry was asked to create a remix of Chicago rapper Hollywood Holt's classic "Caked Up". Within a week DJ Franki Chan of put the word out to the world by stating that, "The remix was kick ass, and that Black Holes was worth checking out."
After that, the word was out. Local blog "hotbiscuits" dubbed the Black Holes, the next Crookers. A comparison that has stuck ever since. Mike Perry has been featured on other blogs such as: Big Stereo, Penned Madness, Trash Menagerie, Sundtrak, UH OH Disco, &Trashbag Kids.
Black Holes immediately got respect from the music community, and has performed with artists such as: MSTRKRFT, Don Rimini, Valerie, Buraka Som Sistema, Drop the Lime, Flosstradamus, Franki Chan, Hollywood Holt, Designer Drugs and the GZA.
Black Holes has also gained respect from his remixing skill by winning a competition from Trouble and Bass artist Little Jinder. His bass heavy house oriented version of "Polyhedron," was released internationally on Little Jinder's album "Polyhedron."
No matter who you talk to, people are expecting big things from Chicago's own Black Holes.