Blackholicus is a four-piece dual-lead metal band from Austin, Texas that plays in the style of early Iron Maiden and Motorhead, combine thrash metal, prog rock, baroque and punk and sing of classic tales of struggle of man against time, technology and natural phenomena.


Under its current line-up, Blackholicus released its debut album, "Variations in Death Minor," in 2006 and for the three years following were named in the Austin Music Awards as one of the top metal bands of the city. Its follow-up "Megaforte" was released in 2009 and distributed directly by the band and through CD Baby.

Blackholicus has played two South by Southwest showcases, toured the U.S. and played many shows in Austin and San Antonio, opening for bands such as The Sword, Kylesa, Saviours, Slough Feg, Cancer Bats and The Last Vegas.

One Halloween they played Iron Maiden's 1984 "Powerslave" album in full, and are shown in a YouTube video playing a piece of Bach's "Two-Part Invention No. 4 in D minor."


Marshall Law

Written By: Margaret Myrick

How it all began
The hours have forgotten
By dawn the strong survivor
By dawn the time has passed

Man and beast on outskirts
Know of Marshall Law

Of no one
The mythic six string shooter
The sun his only friend
This splintered sun-touched man

The desert law is hidden
In his fading hands
wine, dust, orbiting shapes
the laws of steel, from one to ten

wielded, wired braid
tubes of fire and sounds of pain

the laws of steel from one to ten
the laws of steel

gates! desert!
high moon gambler

wealth! fortune!
mesa riders

Snow Chalice

Written By: Margaret Myrick

on peaks of fire and ice dwells a king!
with glimmering ice shelves of Nordica nearing in blackness blizzards light the dark throne, a dark home for the owl king

hydra witch summons glacial foes to burn the land, burn the land.

snow chalice! snow chalice, etc...!

For once and for all .. smite the witch! The owl king sees miles of kingdom of no one's
when by his wing he leaves the chalice and midnight home
to close her eyes


Written By: Margaret Myrick

seige on nightwatch
lanced from under
death at midnight

lance and archer, darkest fable
untold tale

sacred nightbeast
sun is setting
maharani crowned.


Variations in Death Minor - 2006
Megaforte - 2009

Set List

Marshall Law
Victory I
Snow Chalice
Dark Forest