Black Honey

Black Honey


Black Honey Band, “Cosmic Blues Dipped Country Rock!”


BHB is a rock and roll band in the true sense of the phrase. The music can be considered, “exploration into late 60's and early 70's rock n roll chemistry. Turned upside down and inside out with blues, country, jazz and pop. Writing songs that have purpose, truth, and hooks that everyone and relate to.” BHB is professional musicianship mixed with an unforgettable stage show.

Black Honey is the band that will leave you with goose bumps on your arms, and the excitement that "good" music isn't dead; it’s just being reborn...

As of June 2007, BHB relocated to Nashville, TN. Music City has been a great change, and the reception has been overwhelming!!

The band is made up of four root members, each bringing crucial experience and industry knowledge to the band.

Don McCann has written most of the material. He brought the Black Honey brand to Nashville in the fall of 2007. The concept was born in the northeast where it developed and became a promising business venture backed by some very credible people and organizations.
Don is gifted with superb guitar and composing skills, and blessed with a natural, unmistakable rock and roll voice.

Kenn Wenner, on sax, harmonicas, and vocals, has been performing for over twenty years on a multitude of instruments. He has been performing and working in Nashville for three years. When he heard Black Honey’s sound for the first time, he new it was what he had been waiting for.
Kenn brings years of practical experience and a knack for arranging to the project. He holds a Bachelors Degree in music business management from Berklee, Boston.

John Propper, also a graduate of Berklee College of Music, recently relocated to Nashville to compliment an extensive performance career in NYC and New England. John collaborates on the Black Honey material, plays bass, and sings backup; in addition he also performs on trumpet and guitar.
With twenty years professional playing and a history of teaching music John locks everything into place.

Brett Byars was born a second-generation drummer in Birmingham Alabama. He has played with renowned blues artist “ Memphis Gold” at the Falls Church Music Festival as well as currently interning in two top recording studios in Nashville.
He received his degree in Music Performance from Berklee. A truly musical person, Brett is the ground level of BHB playing the drums!

And…Keyboardist, organ, piano

Music expresses feeling and thought, without language; it was below and before speech, and it is above and beyond all words. ~Robert G. Ingersol


Cadallac Soul 2006
Mother Vulture 2007

Set List

1 Desert Rose
2 Rollin Down the Road
3 Tired Eyes
4 Andy Stone
5 My Precious Love
6 Rearview Blues
7 What do you want me to Do!
8 Hilltop Crawler
9 Thinkin bout You
10 Be a Friend
11 Make it your Own
12 Hazel
13 You cant hide how you Feel
14 Driving Song
15 Mother Vulture
16 Sweet Changes

Can’t You See
Feelin Alright
Brown Sugar
Born To Be Wild
Casey Jones
Mississippi Queen
Six days on the Road
Mighty Quinn
Turn the Page
Mama Tried
Love light
Little Queenie////Johnny B Goode
Take it Easy
I Can Hear you Knockin
Red House
The Shape I’m In
Los Angeles
Hard to Handle
The Pusher
One More Saturday Night
Green River
Bad Moon Rising
Gimmie Some Lovin