Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

In a sea of blended genres and regurgitated auto-tune, Blackhounds are a blue-collar rock n’ roll band boasting unique grit, an unmatched work ethic and an unforgettable live performance.


Emerging from the shadows of the Zion Curtain in Salt Lake City in summer of 2008, Blackhounds formed when 3 friends set out to do something different.
Fed up with their current musical endeavors, Vocalist/guitarist, Lorin Madsen, along with Guitarists, Clyde Armstrong and Daniel McAllister began writing songs together under the name Blackhounds. Wanting to share their music with as many people as possible, as soon as possible, the band found drummer Benjamin Hoagland, and a fill-in bassist, and in winter of 2008, they set out on their first tour. Tour however was cut short in central Oregon when winter struck, resulting in a rollover accident. Beaten, but far from broken, they found themselves in a motel room in Baker City, Oregon, writing about the experience. Two months later, the band was in the studio with engineer Matt Winegar (Primus, Coheed And Cambria) and the “Hold On For Dear Life” E.P. was born. The following spring, armed with a brand new E.P. a new van, and a fresh outlook, Blackhounds hit the road again, with the intention of staying there. And stay there they did. Between playing full-band and unplugged, Blackhounds quickly began to gain a reputation nationally for their captivating live performance. Despite several line-up changes, the band managed to play over 200 shows coast to coast in their first year of touring, and have pushed close to 4,000 units of their first EP release nation wide. “The tours kept getting better and the CD kept selling, so we kept touring”
In fall of 2009, the band’s rhythm section was solidified with the addition of Bassist Ronald Prince. Very shortly after though, Blackhounds was reduced to a quartet with the departure of Daniel McAllister. With several months of tours already booked, vocalist Lorin Madsen picked up a guitar in addition to his vocal duties and the band didn’t look back.
The next year was spent further exhausting their E.P. across the country, solidifying their coveted reputation as “road dogs”. After playing over 350 shows across the country in their first 2 years on the road, Blackhounds had evolved into what seemed to them to be a different band. Still very proud of their first release, they felt that they were highly overdue for a new album, and wanted to start work on it immediately.
January of 2011 found Blackhounds back in the studio with Matt Winegar (Hold On For Dear Life) to record their highly anticipated full length. Titled “Rot n’ Roll”, the effort is not only a clear indication of how far the band has come, but also where they intend to go. Following "Rot n' Roll's spring 2011 release, Blackhounds hit the road yet again in its support...and they're still there.


"Hold on For Dear Life" EP (2008)
"Get up to Get It" Single (2009)
"Rot n' Roll" LP (2011)