Black in the Mind

Black in the Mind



Black in the Mind is an aggressive alternative rock band with a classic rock feel. It is honest, sincere, angry, melodic, ambient, shimmering, romantic, and oppressed music from the heart and soul of four musicians. Its is written from life experience, it is written purely from imagination. It is bitter enough to leave you in the cold, and dear enough to walk you home. Its i full of doubt for a satisfied truth of life and love. Its and longing for a passion and significance, and a warning for anyone interested. It is the grace of Mike Folds vocals, and the abuse of his abrasive guitar solo's soaring over the biting rhythm guitar of Heath Willis. It is the constant steady pounding percussion of drummer Dustin Boehm, with the smooth clean jazzy baselines of Ryan Sylvester to accompany. Most of all Black in the Mind is an experience a place you swear you been before but just cant recall a place you can only visit when you listen....


Black in the Mind EP (6 Track)

Tracks can be heard on

Various songs from our EP can be heard on the following: Native Noise on 101.1 FM, and on WHOG 95.7FM.

Set List

1. Show of All
2. Falling Down
3. For you my Love
4. Polka Song
5. Another Day, Another Loss
6. The Choice
7. Still Seeing Red