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She Gone Rush Me, Push Ups, Give Her All My Money



He's a true talent. Black Jackk is like an artist that sees a blank canvas; he can really paint a picture. It's that kind of talent that makes Black Jackk a rare breed in the music industry. Shifty words and cunning personality makes Black Jackk who he is today. "I just do me, I have fun with my music, I just wanna make people feel me and have a good time while listening to my music." Black Jackk started the independent label Stunt-Aholic Records in 2001. Skeptical? Consider this: at an age normally when young adults are trying to find themselves and what they want to do in life. Black Jackk already made a full length album entitled "It's My Turn" which sold over 10,000 units locally. So how did this young CEO of his own record label start out you may ask. Read on and you will get a better feel from how he started and where he is ultimately going…To the top.

Black Jackk, born in Kentucky, moved to Atlanta at age 2 and later moved to Cincinnati at age 6, where he resides today. Cincinnati, in recent years has strived for creativity and originality. Black Jackk had begun to take music seriously after the death of his cousin Chris Parks. That was one of the main reasons he wanted to pursue rap. Artists like Master P, Lil Flip, 50 Cent, and Three Six Mafia were rising from local heavyweights into national sensations, which gave Black Jackk the confidence to pursue his musical career due to the motivation of other successful
A young Black Jackk, taking cues from his surroundings, he jelled well alongside then-partner, Polo Collar (Red):" Black Jackk reveals. "We had a strong bond when it came to music, we fed off each others energy." The then duo released the album entitled "Before the Deal". "I wasn't real focused on music as much at this time, I was getting money in other ways and we didn't promote the album like we should have," Black Jackk admits. Even though the success of the album didn't atop his solo album, it still had a street buzz that is still talked about till this day.

Ironically, it was Black Jackk passion for tricked out cars and jewelry. While recording music and performing shows Black Jackk ultimately picked up the hobby of reconstructing classic cars. "Man I had Box Chevys, Bubble Chevys, Monte Carlo Super Sports, Old School Buick Skylarks and I put rims on all my cars and then customized them to fit my personality," Black Jackk notes. "That's how I used to flip my money. I bought older cars and had them painted and I would ride around the city until someone would flag me down and want to buy it, that's how I funded my musical projects, I didn't have no help, I did it myself." It was Black Jackk style and flash that got the attention of people around the city giving him the nick name "Young Stunna". "Everything I wore or rode had to be customized, so people would know it was me".

It wasn't till he met his future manager Reggie Duskin, who did events and artist showcase around the Cincinnati area that motivated him to take his music to the next level. Reggie wanted Black Jackk to be in an artist showcase. "I ain't even gonna lie, I was skeptical at first, I mean I was already doing shows around the city and opening up for artist like T.I., Young Buck, and other rappers, and I'm like people ain't even know I was performing till the night of." "For once someone actually wanted to help me out" Black Jackk explains. "I saw something different in Black Jackk than most local artist, he had fun with his music and made it look effortless, and I think he gave Cincinnati some character." Reggie explained. Having opened this new portal --and alongside manager Reggie Duskin , and other promoters such as New Money Entertainment, Wall Street Entertainment, Good Times Entertainment ,Judy Jones Entertainment and a mass of DJ's -- Black Jackk was able to display his full palate of attributes. "I don't think it's just the music, I think that when people get to know me they see that I really want to make it to the top, and they are willing to help to see one of there on make it". "When people hear my songs they hear what I really feel and they are attracted to it, and my style is all original. I think when people see me perform they like my songs a little better, because they get to see me live and in person." When I perform I pull out all the stops, I get hyped off of the crowd, and the more hype they get I get and I think they can sense that. People are like" 'Man, I didn't know he performed like that.'

At first glance, one may think he is just like other rappers. But upon further inspection, he is a trend setter, rather than wearing other people's brand of clothing he has his own." Yeah I like to wear my own personalized clothes called Stunna Wear, My dude Lebron who owns Endure Clothing makes them. With the flashy and bright color coordinated clothes, it's hard to miss someone when they are wearing a bright yellow or orange shirt with cartoon graphics quoting his catch phrases and add lives. A