Black Jack Moonshiners

Black Jack Moonshiners

 Eagle, Idaho, USA
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Progressive bluegrass with a hint of classical rock... completely unique.


Scott Harrison Tyler (mandolin/ guitar/ vocals) - Scott began banging on the piano from his dads knee as soon as he could move his arms. At thirteen he broke from the judged Classical recital doldrums for the seductive world of electric guitar. Skipping school to transcribe Iron Maiden guitar solos soon led to a return to Classical music, this time on guitar. At seventeen, he started building guitars and went on to use them during college, performing regularly with the Boise State University Classical and Jazz Guitar Ensembles. After a shocking crash course of Zappa 101 administered by a college roommate, Tyler became fascinated by Jean Luc Point's five string electric violin. Realizing that the rules could be broken, he began to build himself custom multi-string mandolins, violins and bass guitars. These unique axes combined with some pretty quick fingers and improvisational talents soon found Tyler in the bands Farmdog, Nada Brahma, Buckskin Bible Revue and most recently the Black Jack Moonshiners.

Since childhood, Kayleigh Jack has been singing and playing classical violin, fiddle, guitar and mandolin for orchestras and bands that include Americana On Tour, Stonefly Stout, High Desert, Buckskin Bible Revue, Boise State University Orchestra, Blackjack Moonshiners, Eagle Chamber Orchestra, Holy Apostle's Music Ministry, and the Buckshot Country Band. Her accomplishments include being a finalist in VH-1 Song of Year, CMT Music City Madness, and Lions Gate Films National Talent Search. She is also a recipient of Nashville Star Search Songwriter of the Year, Idaho Brightest Star, and numerous awards while representing Idaho in the Miss Teen America Pageant. Amongst Idaho musicians, she is particularly known for a natural ability to step into any song or band for the first time and perform like a finely rehearsed pro. Her versatile voice can melt a sidewalk or rip it apart like a backhoe.

Jason Griesa – Bass Guitar/Random acts of lovely confusion - The universe, I assume, missed and dropped me smack dab in the middle of Flint Michigan where at an early age my Grandmother taught me which bass pedals to press while she jammed church hymnals and the holy gospel on the organ above me. Meanwhile Grandpa was singing opera and gospel down in the family room with such passionate force it almost inadvertantly triggered the Heavenly Rapture. A few years down the road I got my first bass guitar at age 13 and a half and have been completely obssessed since. first it was punk and hardcore, with a little motown and r&b thrown in for a little yang. Then at age 21 I began a journey that has taken me across the nation several times playing Punk and Southern Rock in Arkansas to Bluegrass and Jazz in Colorado to Psychedelic experimentations in mescalidian theory in Eugene and Portland. Now i just mash it all together and smear it all over my fingerboard.


Hop That Train

Written By: Kayleigh Jack

Verse 1:
If I hopped up on that train today,
Would it take me to a place that was far away?
I’d ride into the darkness, blindfolded and alone,
But this time, I’m gonna make that train.

Verse 2:
I’ve been waiting round this place for a while,
Surrounded by comfort, but that’s not my style,
I’ll take my fiddle with me, that way I won’t get lonely,
And, this time I’m gonna make that train.


Verse 3:
I made it down south for a time,
Sittin’ by the river and singing to the fireflies,
They told me “muscle through the pain, You’re bound to find your way,
If you just stay on that train”.


I made it through the hard times all by myself,
People trying to distract me and make me someone else,
This trail won’t ever change; the tracks lead only one way,
So Darlin’, just stay on that train.

If your brain is what you listen to,
Your heart will always guide you,
So Darlin, just stay on that train.

Just let that train take you away.


Written By: Kayleigh Jack

Keep your mouth shut if you want me to listen,
You never had anything to say,
Why start now and throw it away,
I kept your memories in my head for so long,
Now I hang them on my wall,
But did that ever mean,
I knew that, I would fall…

Maybe this could be the perfect collision,
With all of the fission that’s in between,
Maybe I was just a fool for trying,
A fool for hiding from the truth…
But now I,
Want to apologize,
For all I knew,
I want to apologize,
For loving you…

I pondered your laughter and so softly I tread,
On all of your words as they float through my head,
You hid your intentions under you brow,
But honey, whose doing’ the laughing now?



I’ll make it fine on my own,
I’ll make it fine on my own,
Here’s my apology to you…
I’ll make it fine on my own,
I’ll make it fine on my own,
Here’s my apology to you…
I’ll make it fine on my own,
I’ll make it fine on my own,
Here’s my apology to you…
I’ll make it fine on my own,
Fine on my own …

CHORUS (X2) …for loving you.

When My Baby Smiles

Written By: Kayleigh Jack

I see the fireflies in your eyes,
Give me your trust, there’s nothing to it,
Everything takes time,
Baby, help me understand,
I know you’ve been hurt,
So come on over,
Let me offer a hand,
Nothing to be scared of,
Nothing at all…

Take me down south where the trees are green,
Don’t think about nothing but you and me,
That sea in your pretty blue eyes,
Life is all about trial and error,
If that’s the case we’re halfway there,
‘Cause nothing really matters for a while…
When my baby smiles,
When my baby smiles…

C’mon boy, show me a little love,
Your regrettin now your frettin and your leaving me hangin,
Take a shot right now,
Step away from everything,
Move a little bit closer…


When you hurt some times,
You just may find,
Something you were looking for,
Perfect company, may be all you need,
To make it through,
The rest of our lives….

Take me down south,
Take me down south…


Black Night in Memphis

Written By: Kayleigh Jack

It’s a black night in Memphis,
And the air is warm and dark,
Won’t you please leave your light on?
Till I find this broken heart…

Had a few suspicions ‘bout this little vixen since that frosty night,
Walkin’ through the door, guilty to the core, somethin’ wasn’t right,
Lipstick smeared, he began to fear, that it was all coming true,
Cheatin’ on him with another man, sayin’ “what’s the matter with you?”


“Goin’ away, I love this man, there’s nothin’ you can do.”
He chased her in the pouring rain with a loaded 22,
Ran away in the knick of time, before the shot rang out,
He cursed her name, sank to his knees, said “Look what you’ve done now”


Sitting on the floor in a blackened room, starin’ blankly at the gun,
Cried “what did I do? I’m a damned fool, but I’m not the only one.”
Held the pistol to his temple and thought about that girl,
Pulled the trigger to end it all, tumbled to the floor…




"Wind Chill", by Scott Harrison Tyler (2009)

"Stuffed Animals", by Kayleigh Jack (2005)

Compilation CD: Nashville Star Search: "Stuffed Animals"; Black Night in Memphis"; "Personality" by Kayleigh Jack / JIP RECORDS, Nashville, TN

Set List

The Black Jack Moonshiners has a large volume of numbers to play and are capable of performing most any set length from a 30 minute opening, up to two hours.


Hop That Train (Jack)
Burn My Bread (Tyler)
Black Night in Memphis (Jack)
Take The River Home (Tyler)
Stuck in a Bus (Tyler)
This Song (Jack)
Wind Chill (Tyler)
The Slip(Tyler)
Two Bucks(Tyler)
Little Late(Jack)

Plus many more.....


Swallowtail Jig
Shady Grove
Frieght Train
Dark Hollow
Tell it to Me
Rosalie McFall
Little Sadie
Pig in a Pen
The L and N
Blackberry Blossom
All Around This World


Orange Blossom Special
Bluegrass in the Backwoods
Hard Hearted
Orphan Girl
Minor Swing
Lonesome Fiddle Blues
Flowers on the Wall
I'm Your's
Black Horse and a Cherry Tree