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The BLACK LAND singles, LP's, video footage, & DVD are scheduled to be released in early 2008.
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Biography For
Music Group BLACK LAND

Written By David Spencer
Owner/CEO/President of

The Birth Of The Nightcrawlers Music Group
In 1993, three local rappers out of Norwalk Connecticut named Jupiter Robinson (J.U.P.), Jermain Martin (Ish), and Carl Lewis (Terror) had a rap group named the Night Crawlers. That same year, Saul Liles (Killa Napp), Mike Thomlin (Mike Dangerous), and John Griggs (John G), who were all childhood friends,joined their group. The Night Crawlers got together and recorded mixtapes for a local DJ named DJ K Swift. DJ K Swift mixtapes were known to be distributed throughout the Norwalk and New York areas. The group members used to smoke weed, argue, and focused on making music. The music recording used to take place in Killa Napp's living room at his house on Snowden Avenue, right around the corner from of the slums of Lexington Avenue. They continued recording their music and putting out mixtapes with the hopes of making it big in the music industry.

Street Clique Named CT
Between 1995 and 1996 at age 14, a young Mark Williams, who would later come to be known as (Flip Da Skript), along with the younger kids from Lexington Avenue were apart of a neighborhood street clique named "CT". At that time, he wasn't rapping yet, he was just a knucklhead, who drank 40's, smoked blunts, and got in trouble with the neighbors and the police. He was a disturbed youth, who demonstrated his troubled life through his reckless behavior. Whenever the older kids were in the living room rapping, he used to just walk into rhyme sessions with them and the rappers would tell him to leave. Eventually Flip, Napp's younger brother D Double, and a rapper named Tootie, got together and started their own rap group. They recorded a mixtape named CT Nigg*s. Napp help the young emcees by recording the tracks. In 1996, the group the Nightcrawlers expanded their musical network to form the group ILL Mafia. The group composed of approximately thirty people. They had group members spread throughout Norwalk, Danbury, Bridgeport, and other neighboring parts of Connecticut. The group members got together to record in Killa Napp's living room. Later that same year, Flip was incarcerated and sent down south for a year. He returned the summer of 1997 and wanted to reform the group CT Nigg*s but the other group members weren't interested in rapping anymore. Flip decided to start recording his solo mixtape named Blood Rain at age 16. A week after putting out Blood Rain, Flip was incarcerated in Connecticut on assault charges. He ended up doing a year in prison for that case.

ILL Mafia stayed together until 1998. Then suddenly all of the group members went their separate ways. Some of the members continued making music separately, and others didn't.

The Birth Of The Music Group Named Black Land
When ILL Mafia disbanded, Killa Napp, Johnny G, and Mike Dangerous got together to form the rap group named Black Land. The name Black Land originally came from the environment that the neighborhood friends grew up in. It was called Black Land because it was considered to be the slums of Norwalk, where the street lights were always out and where stick up kids would prey on just about anyone who happened to be in the area. The original members of the clique were Killa Napp, Johnny G, & Mike Dangerous. Around the time that Black Land formed as a group, a man named Kev Brown, became interested in the young rappers and wanted to help further their careers. Kev would eventually become their manager and money man. He bought a bunch of recording equipment and helped the group record some of their songs. One of the first songs that was recorded for a demo was a song that Killa Napp developed called, Sono. The second song that was recorded for the demo was written by Johnny G, and was named, "Dreamless Sleep". The third song that was recorded for the demo, was written by Killa Napp featuring Mike Dangerous and was called Taking Over The World. Kev helped the group for approximately two years, until he was arrested and sent to jail. While Kev was in jail, a promoter named Dellex arranged for the group to perform at the Globe Theatre. The group opened up for the groups Mad Skillz and Real Live who were artists that were already in the industry. Dellex was a promoter and the youngest V P in the industry. His label at the time was Island Black Music. Things were going good for Dellex and Black Land until Dellex found himself no longer being in the empowered situaiton that he was. From that point on, Black Land was on their own without a connection and direction, but that didn't stop them from recording at Napp's studio.
When he came back in the year 2000, he was released and started working o