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demo #1 - Apr 05
Ephiphany - July 05
Demo #2 - Jan 06
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If rock history tells us anything, high school bands, let alone middle school bands, last approximately 3 weeks or best case scenario 'till everyone gets their license. Gigs consist of a talent show here, a birthday party there and maybe a poorly recorded demo. Its written off as a rebellious phase that parents stay up late at night hoping doesnt last past puberty. Occasionally there is an exception to the rule. An underage band that is serious from the start, writing original songs, scoring shows and developing an actual fan base. In Ventura, CA. the exception to the rule is Black List. Formed by Kasey Herbison, 16, and Kenny Benson, 16, the two spent their junior high years learning guitar in the bedroom practicing Nirvana riffs and more importantly experimenting with writing their own songs. In no time they hunted down a rhythm section, bassist Eric Martinez, 16 and drummer, Nigel Juam Wellington, 14, who also shared Herbisons and Bensons decade to late love of 90's alternative rock.

The foursome christened themselves 'Black List' and made their live debut at their schools 8th grade talent show in March of 2004 in front of their parents, friends and a few stunned teachers. It's what happened next that surprised everybody involved, even the band. "We called every venue in town and acted as if we were older and had been around a lot longer", explains Herbison. "We finally got a call back from the local Theater who offered us a show if we would sell tickets. We went nuts selling all the tickets. The theatre owners and the other bands were stunned at how young we were and how we brought the whole crowd. Word spread fast to the other promoters in town and from that point getting a few more gigs was easy."A few more gigs may be an understatement. In the past two years Black List has played over 50 shows. After packing area coffeehouses and small clubs with a fan base thats often older then the band, they were asked to open for the newly reformed Dead Kennedys at a packed Ventura Theater. Then Black List followed up their first national act opening slot by playing to their biggest crowd yet, over 4,000 people at the City of Ventura's 4th of July Festival.

After establishing the band in and around Ventura County while keeping up with their parents more pressing concern of home work, Black List scored a break when a contact paid off and they were offered a date on the 2005 Warped Tour. Only problem was they were offered the Arizona date, a difficult haul for 4 kids who dont have their permits. Luckily, the bands extremely supportive parents caravanned the band to the festival where Black List so impressed Warped Tour staff with their performance, they were invited to play the following week at the bands hometown stop on the tour. The Ventura Warped date became a culmination of all the bands hard work and sacrifice when hundreds of fans crowded a side stage to see the bands set.

As for the future, Black List is hard at work on their first full-length release, expected later this year. For now, their main concern is writing great songs, playing great shows and not being clumped into the mall punk, screamo scene thats popular with their generation. "We realize that in order to actually make a buzz, we have to be doing something that nobody else is doing. If you're just trying to be the best screamo copy-cat band like everyone else our age, you're only go be around for 6 months before you're forgotten", says Herbison. "We're not trying to copy anything, just trying to make our own sound. We want the music to impress people, not our age." A professional attitude, great original songs and a growing following- all of this and the band isn't even legal. Imagine what Black List will have done when they get out of high school!