Lake Wales, Florida, USA

An edgy new age sound with an Old School flavor. We alternate lead singers with each set. It gives us alot of doors to open, because each of our singers has a different style. We have 3 and 4 part harmonies. We all enjoy playing music and it shows.


In January 2007 we won 1st place at the Florida Citrus Festival Battle of the Bands. What sets us apart from other bands...We have 2 Lead Singers Joey and Luke. They switch roles (Bass/Mic) after each set, when they switch it gives us a whole NEW sound. But it's all Black Lite. Black Lite has been together for almost 4 years. We started out with just five members, there were some personal problems with one of our band members and he had to leave the band. Mark Hugo came in as his replacement and has added some new flavors to our music. But now all the original members are back in the band as well as Mark, so we are 6 members strong now.We started out just playing for fun, we had no intentions of going anywhere with our music, until people would come to watch us play and they told us that we were awesome and that we needed to start booking some gigs. We had no P.A. and only little tiny amps to play through. But we kept trying and the first year that we entered the Citrus Festival Battle of the Bands we didn't even place. Our second year in the competition we came in second place. And just this year at the battle of the band we took home FIRST place. At this point even if we wanted to stop playing we couldn't, because we owe it to ourselves and each and every one of our fans...we love you all.

Some of our influences are:
Lynryd Skynrd
Stevie Ray Vaughn
Guns N Roses
Collective Soul
.....and sooo many more.



Written By: Black Lite

Nobody knows the trouble I've seen
Nobody knows the horror
Nobody knows the face I see
when I look into the mirror
...When I look into the mirror
reflection's that I 've seen
mirror on the wall.....

Mirror mirror on the wall
sometimes I don't
see me at all
man at his best
is vanity
looking into the glass darkly
mirror on the wall

Four grey walls
or wild and free
freedoms never really free
the prisoners locked inside of me
see's only the fear
that the mirror sees
mirror on the wall

You can run run run
but you can't leave yourself behind
you can run run run
but you can' t leave yourself behind
mirror on the

Put on your make-up
just to hide
your feelings locked down deep inside
but when the big-tops dark
and no one sees
only the tears that
the mirror sees
the mirror on the wall

-chorus (1X)

No you can't run away
you can't run from yourself
you can't leave it behind
mirror mirror
I don't even see myself
mirror mirror
mirror on the wall........
...reflections that I see
looking back at me.


Written By: Black Lite

Blinded by the lite
destruction of my mind
I can't hide behind the lies no more
I'm trying to free my mind
I must leave this place behind
I can't fight these feelings at war

(pre chorus:)
But when I fall down
I put myself bacl together
and I turn my life around
when I have found
the meaning for being
that's where I'm bound tonight

She's taken everything
broke my heart and stole my dreams
sweet decievers trick me again
the only thing that I see
are the things you've done to me
when you told me you were my best friend

-pre chorus (1X)

And if I believe that I could fly
then I can
and if I believe I could touch the sky
with my two hands
it's the most unbelievable high
known to man
and if I believe that I could fly
well I can I can


(yeah).....pre chorus (1X)
-chorus (1X)


Written By: Black Lite

I woke up in a new motel room
it hurts how I feel today
how would I begin to presume
the reason why I have to play
I don't know why I have to go
but it's time for me to start the show

(pre chorus:)
I can't be on a first name basis
after packing all of my suitcases
I bet I'll leave no traces yeah that's for sure
you can catch me on an air-o-plane
give me a ticket on an outbound train
bus station in the pourin' rain
but still I don't have the cure

Oh medicine where have you been
my long lost friend
my medicine
oh medicine is this the end
we're close like kin
my medicine

I'm not getting much sleep tonight
but I'm not an insomniac
I tried to turn off the lite
but still I heard this same 'ol track come back
I don't know why I have to go
but it's hard to stop
when you're on a roll

-pre chorus (1X)
-chorus (1X)

That's when I came to the realization
that music is my medicine

And then you heard the radio playin'
yet another BLACK LITE song
people know what I'm sayin'
I guess they knew it all along
yeah man the band was rockin'
even heard alot of cheers
and you know there's just no stoppin'
it's the best I've felt in years

-pre chorus (1X)
-chorus (2X's)

the music is my medicine.....


Written By: Black Lite

Someone turn on the lite
and open up the door
it's too late to turn back now
but I wish I had before
you slipped away
right through my fingertips
how I wish I could forget

I never told a single lie
I only told the truth
I gave my all
I survived the fall
but I still keep pullin' through
it hurts so bad
when I think of what you said
how I wish I could forget

But the memories, memories
inside my head
let me be, let me be
from the life I had left (2X's)

Someone help me realize
I can't see clear
the years are gone
and I'm movin' on
through all my pain and tears
and I can't understand
why you treated me this way
but I just pray for a better day

-chorus (2X's)

But those memories
but those memories
they just wont let me be
won't let me be
but those memories
they just won't let me be

-chorus (2X's)

Not free

Written By: Black Lite

Have you ever loved someone
so much it hurts
just to feel their touch
you'd give up all you're worth
as priceless as you think
that it should be
I can tell you from first hand
that love's not free ...yeah

And if love's a rich man's game
I don't have a dime to my name

Ooh ooh la la pleasure
just a kind of worthless treasure
ooh and I'm not wealthy
It's a kind of love that's unhealthy

Help me
'cuz it's not free

With hate and love
for someone at the same time
yet for that love
you'd give up your last dime
everything could be simplicity
yes it could
yet you lie around in your own misery
yeah yeah

And if love's a deaf man's game
I can't hear a word that you say

Ooh ooh for one dollar
she's the kind that would
make you hollar
ooh and I'm not wealthy
all I'm askin' is somebody help me
help me
help me
help me

I'm stressed and I'm pissed
why even exist
it's now on my list
I slit my wrist
as you can guess
she's got the best
only a test
a hole in my chest

Help me
somebody help me
come on and help me
won't someone HEY!!
help me
somebody help me
help me
won't someone help me-hey.

Polk Co. Rap

Written By: Black Lite

(Intro:) (2X's)

When I say smoke
you say weed


Smoke weed everyday
smoke weed everyday
it's the Polk County way
smoke weed everyday
...So come get high with me
score a dime
take a ride
come fly with me
I'll have you trippin' on exstacy
twenty bucks a pill
'cuz that shit aint free

Smoke weed everyday
I gotta do it playa
it's the Polk County way
863's in the motha fuckin' daze
From your mother
to your brother
even granny's gettin' blazed
so break the weed out
and roll that shit up
there aint no doubt
that I'm gettin' fuckied up
this shit's from the South
so drop the blunt guts
'cuz once it hits your mouth
you'll be felling fabulous

-chorus (1X)

What's that sound
everybody smells what's going 'round
it'll knock your ass to the ground
one hit and I'm outerspace bound
I'm so high that I can't be found
lookin' for weed
on the other side of town
me and the boys on a quest for a pound
and you know I got '50' blazin'
in the background

-chorus (1X)

Puff puff pass
can't handle it
it's the nasty grass
it hit's you too fast
it'll knock you on your ass
don't be fucking mad
'cuz I'm passin' to you last
The smell of the clothes
then look at the eyes
we'll be smokin' the Dro
like the shit was legalized
I'll be hyptnotized
smoke blowin' in the skies
wonder why, don't know why
this shit just happens all the time

-chorus (1X)

I smoke pot
I got alot
it hit's the spot
when it's lit
it's hard to quit
and the cherry's hot
smoke in, smoke out
toke in, toke down
'cuz I got the smoke rollin'
in this central Florida town
smoke till I die
I can't deny
lungs burnin'
still I'm yearnin' to get high
with this weed
I'm still a fiend
you know what I mean
in Polk County everyday
it's 04/20
so make some noise
for the boy's in the 863
got an "O" of the Dro
and some Hennessy
that's the way that we roll
in Polk County
now I know smokin' weed
is my destiny

(Outro:) (2X's)

When I say smoke
you say weed


Smoke weed everyday.

Coma Patient

Written By: Black Lite

Hook up the life support systems
'Dr. Kill Joey wanted in surgery'
'Dr. Kill Joey wanted in surgery'
alright give me an IV, scalple,
clamps, forcepts, plasma
We're losing him
we're gonna have ot shock him
help me
'Sir you're going to have to breathe

I can't move
and I can't see
these machines help me to be
all alone
my body fades
my mind is gone
ten million miles astray
and if I die today
will my sin be washed away

I guess it's one of those nights
you don't have to think twice
my veins they have run dry
from the medication
will I reach the highest high
of that sacrificial lite
will I open up my eyes
I'm a coma patient


Family comes to weep
my mind is numb
and my body's week
three days till
they pull the plug
and my IV's are folled with the drug
they all show their love
with so many hugs

-chorus (1X)


I guess that I'm at deaths door
my family don't come no more
my time is up
and all is lost
and in they come
just to turn me off
...But at what cost
it's all up to the boss
yeah, yeah, yeah

-chorus (1X)

I guess it's one of those nights
I'm along for the ride
everybody's gone to hide
my brain is racin'
will I reach the highest high
of that sacrificial lite
or will I die tonight
I'm a coma patient
I'm a coma patient
I'm a coma patient
don't change your station
I'm a coma patient


Written By: Black Lite

Crash landed in a cornfield
a million miles away from home
people say since I came here
the rains have gone

pre chorus:
'cuz i'm an alien
from a distant galaxy
I sure could use a friend
everything here seem's so
strange to me

I grew up in a small town
like alot of other folks do
Mama always told me I was different
maybe I'll save the world too

(pre chorus) (1X)

I'm an alien
sure could use a friend
I'm an alien
waiting for my ship to come in

I'm working as a mild mannered reporter
for the local Daily News
But when I go out at night
I don't forget my suit

(pre chorus) (1X)

If I stumble while I'm taking flight
get damaged by that kryptonite
oh you know I tried
I keep my eyes straight up ahead
dodge bullets that are made of lead
and you know why

chours (1X)

Flames and Embers

Written By: Black Lite

When I was just a little kid
there was something that I did
when I pulled those matches out
I burned my house down

With flames and embers
falling down
burning the timbers
touching the ground
all I remember
is that terrible sound
with flames and embers
falling down

Memories of my Mom I had
so many memories of my Dad
in a house with seven kids
this is the place in which I lived

-chours (1X)

(extended chorus:)
Burning down
falling down
burrning down

Remember the Pentagon
Remember Flight 93

In September
falling down
there were so many screams
heard all around
on the day those Two Towers fell
fire's burned like living hell

-chorus (1X)

(extended chorus:)
Burning down
crumbling down
changing the world

When I was just a little kid
there was something that I did
when I pulled those matches out
I burned my house down

Hopeless Reality

Written By: Black Lite

And this...this is my life
nothing to hide
and this world keeps trying
to bring me down
I still hear that voice
I've got no choice
because I'm stuck in this rut I've found

(chorus I:)
I am falling down
I will break when I hit the ground
this is my vitality

And I'm so tired of this
I can't exist
in my hopeless reality
I must disregard
why is it so hard
I look inside myself
to find the key

(chorus II:)
I am falling down
will I break when I hit the ground
this is my vitality
this is my reality

Life's not fair
life sucks
no one cares
you can't bring me down

(chorus III:)
I won't break when I hit the ground
this is my vitality
this is my reality
my hopeless reality

This...this is my life
nothing to hide
and this world keeps
trying to bring me down


singles :

Not Free
Black Lite
Polk Co. Rap
Fallen Away
Hopeless Reality
Live To Die
Coma Patient
Take Control

Set List

We usually play 4 sets. Each sets last approx 1 1/2 hours. We play a mixture of originals and covers.
We have two lead singers, so they alternate with each other.

Our Original song list: Our Covers:

-Memories -Free Bird (Skynard)
-Believe -Simple Man (Skynard)
-Medicine -Rock Star (Nickleback)
-Not Free -Pain (3 Days grace)
-Coma Patient -Kryptonite (3 Doors Down)
-Fallen Away -My Sacrifice (Creed)
-Live to Die -...Bell Tolls (Metallica)
-Hopeless reality -Sweet Home Alabama (Skynard)
-Save Her Life -Through the Glass (Stone sour)
-Black Lite -House of the Rising Sun (The Animals)
-Gone -Hate Me (Blue October)