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Dr. Oop

 Los Angeles, California, USA
BandHip Hop

The new album from dr.Oop feat. Rogue Venom is available now! It's produced entirely by Eardrumz the Metrognome and features Aloe Blacc, Nuke le US, and Jumbo Shrimp of Blackberry Jam. Straight gratitude vibrations y'all. Wrap one up wit us!!!


Dr. Oop (The shortened version of his original moniker Droop-Capone) is one of LA's most beloved sons. He and his group The BlackLoveR88rs have been touring and performing together steadily for the last 10 years. After being named The Grey Area Shows' MC of the Year on radio-station KSCR in 1994, The Dr. began a torrential flow of energetic live shows that captivated LA and surrounding counties and states. He is best known for his dynamic MC-ing (more specifically his uncanny improvisational or "freestyle" skills) and extremely thoughtful lyrics.

Dr. Oop first made a name for himself outside of LA after dropping 1998's 'Deep Impact' (Blacklovemusic/PUTS1998). The 4 song 12", produced by Thes One of People Under The Stairs, was the soundtrack to the hip-hop clubs and radio stations of LA for a considerable stretch. It was featured in a write up in 'Vibe' Magazine (Nov.1999), and profiled in CMJ Magazine and featured on CMJ' s' annual 'best of the year' Cd.

1999 also saw the release of his second 12" 'Subterreign Rain' (Blackberry1999). This was the first single from Dj Revolutions' 'R2K' album (Blackberry1999). Thes One again handled production along with DJ Len Deluxe of 'Supreme Beings of Leisure'. Critics and fans alike took to the record in much the same way as 'Deep Impact'. This lead to a wave of magazine appearances, including a 2000 spread in URB magazine and a 2002 appearance on URB's 'Next 100 List' (the first of 2!!!), as well as several U.K 12" releases, and legendary radio-show appearances. Dr. Oop's debut full-length was released in 2002 as well. Amazon.com called Mad Hueman Disease (Blacklovemusic) "possibly the greatest underground hip-hop album of 2002."(http://www.amazon.com/Mad-Hue-Disease-Droop-Capone/dp/B00013K5LK).

In 2004 The Dr. joined up with 70-piece hip-hop orchestra Dakah and the combination proved highly successful for both parties. Dakah was subsequently sponsored by car company Scion and sent on its first ever tour which included performances in the New Orleans Jazz Festival, Playboy Jazz Festival (the first hip-hop act ever) and South by Southwest music conference. These epic shows lead to an unheard of second appearance on URB Magazines 'Next 100 List' in 2006. He continues to rock festivals with Dakah. The Grande Performances 'Summer Concert Series' has hosted a Dakah show every summer for the past 6 years. Approximately 2500 people attend yearly. The Grand Avenue Street Fair has provided Dakah with 2 years of classic performances in the world renown Disney Concert Hall. In October of 2005 he brought his unique brand of hip-hop to the World Festival of Sacred Music backed by a band consisting of musicians from the Middle East and Asia, again breaking new ground for a hip-hop artist.

In 2006 The Sierra Nevada World Music Festival brought up the good Dr. and his band 'The Most High School' to give the opening night party a much needed blast of pure hip-hop. His reggae infused sound, fit in perfectly and garnered the band rave reviews and a return invitation.

From 06'-09' he recorded several projects, including one with good homie and super producer Oh-No, for labels that ended up closing down or deciding not to release the project due to financial problems. He still managed to release a handful of classic singles during this time with project blowed homie Kenny Segal (Jerk Chicken Blues-Ken Can Cook/Decon) and a Michael Jackson tribute on 7" with producer Dibiase.

Another LP began to take shape with beatmaker Dj Eardrumz. The Lp, 'The Grateful Dread' was released July 23, 2010, in honor of the birthday of Emperor Haile Sellasie.

The Grateful Dread

The Grateful Dread marks the 2nd full-length solo LP from dr.Oop a.k.a droop-capone, commander and chief of The Black Love Army. He has slowly and steadily released a string of hip-hop standards starting with 1998's Deep Impact (PUTS records/Blacklovemusic) produced by Thes-One of People Under the Stairs. (Despite the subsequent success of PUTS, Thes has called this recording 'his only classic'.) It made its way to CMJ's "end of the year best of" CD and the rest is history. 1999's Reign was the lead off single from DJ Revolutions' masterpiece R2K. This was followed by 2002's Mad Hue-man Disease; An album that Amazon.com called "possibly the greatest underground hip-hop album of 2002."(
http://www.amazon.com/Mad-Hue-Disease-Droop-Capone/dp/B00013K5LK). This has lead dr.Oop to numerous accolades including 2 appearances on URB Magazines next 100 list (1st as a solo artist and one with his side project 70 piece hip-hop orchestra Dakah; which he began fronting in 2004), and a write up in VIBE magazine

On this newest release he has managed to take the raw elements of hip-hop and combine them with the lyricism and sincerity of a singer-song writer, and spiritual vibe of a reggae artist. Good homie Aloe Blacc (Stones Throw records) makes his standard cameo along with newcomer ("the first lady out' the click") Rogu


Droop Capone and The Black Love Crew - Mad Hueman Disease (CD, Album) Black Love Music - 2002

Nommo Warfare Vol. 1 EP
(12") PUTS Records 1998

Mykill Miers / Dr. Oop* - Bring It On / Twist Of Lime / Run This (12") Ground Control Records 1999

Subterrain / Reign
(12") Blackberry Records 1999

Steady Bombin' - The Return Of Dread Kaczynski
(12") Black Love Music 2000

Droop Capone and the Blacklovecrew* - In God We Trust
Black Love Music 2003

9 To 5 / One Life (12", Single)
Basement Records 2003

In God We Trust (12")
Black Love Music 2003

Dr.oop Capone* And The Blacklovecrew -
Punan Puffessa (7", Single)
Dirty Mo's 2003

Droop-Capone* & Dibiase -
Hue-Man Nature Of The Beast / My Lady (7", Ltd)
Not On Label 2009

Dr. Oop - "A Life Like This"
(7" single)
Tres Records

Dr. Oop - "The Grateful Dread"
blacklovemusic, 2010
Produced by EarDr.Umz The MetroGnome