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Black Mafia Productions

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Black Mafia Productions is the Dirty South's leading label.Hiphops Underground Railroad for artist ready for Sucess.Ceo 6-PACK along with partner and Co of Black Mafia Prodcutions Madam ReddRumm enter the game with two summer hits. "Yo-Yo", is a club hit, representing for the Jig Capitol..BatonRouge.The tune consist of an up tempo trunk beat filled with catchy hooks. The second release Sick And Tired, is the true tone of the label. It's A message of meaning for those who have lost hope.

Ready to prove the Dirty South THE NEW HOME OF HIPHOP,BMP is on the move.

Future Project
Thug Philosophy 6-Pack
Going Thru Some Thangz Madam ReddRumm
For Everthings A Season (Christmas) FelishaTaylor

Anti- Willie Lynch Project
Documentary, Dvd, Cd
Sista's Gone Wyld

Set List

Sick and Tired
I need A Balla
Look Into My Eyes
Down Here
Goin Gutta
45 min set.