Detroit, Michigan, USA

Blackmail Funk-Infested Hardrock and The Finest Purveyors of Ghettorock in the Land


rockin the D. since late 2005, BLACKMAIL's sound is funk infested,bluesy,hard rock!! featuring the electrifying Kalonji Hakeem Mayaasa formerly of The Mechanixx on vocals & the heavy bottom of Akmed( Bygg El)Elshabazz on bass, formily of the shazz method, the atomic blues of Mike Brooks on guitar, formily of innocent sin, & the kick ass
Doug Austin on drums from broken day machine & via regia, the band has jammed @ the blind pig, the ritz, the bullfrog, paychecks & all of the top clubs in the detroit area & has played with sponge, the muggs, hard lessons ashes of soma & many of the D's top bands. the band was also voted one of the metro area's top bands by wdiv's best of contest in 2007, the new cd THE HARD GROOVE was co produced & mixed by kevin sharpe @ metro 37 recording. look 4 BLACKMAIL 2 continue 2 spread thier ghetto rock in 2010 & 11!!!!!!


Blackmail songs

Written By: Blackmail

Lyrics given upon Request


2007 Released an 8 song self-titled EP

2010 Released a Full-Length CD titled
The Hard Groove

Set List

Set are between 25 to 60 min Depending on the
venue and Show(contest ,BOTB etc..) Set list consist of Original song
Justify, Realist Token, Compromise,Xtcy,
Gentrification, Running from the Sun, Lost and Sound Department, Government Mule. Circles. Cover songs Very
Hendrix, Lenny Kravits, Alice in Chains